Real Housewives of D.C.'s Michaele Salahi Posing for Playboy

Michaele Salahi, the so-called White House party crasher and star of The Real Housewives of D.C., is posing nude for Playboy, according to a report on TMZ. The shoot will happen later this month and Salahi is "very excited," her rep tells the website. The Real Housewives star and her husband Tareq Salahi allegedly crashed a White House state dinner in November. The Salahis have consistently maintained that they were invited, and no charges have been filed against them. An email sent to Salahi's rep was not immediately returned. Source Here

How Salahis Crashed Black Caucus Dinner on DC 'Housewives' (VIDEO)

everal weeks before crashing a White House state dinner, Michaele and Tareq Salahi sneaked into the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Awards Dinner. Jason Backe, who was also involved, had the details on 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' (Thu., 9PM ET on BRAVO). The Salahis invited him, but Backe noticed their ticket said "Admits One." No matter. The group somehow got through security. From there, the Salahis advised a strategy for scoping out the empty seats. "All of a sudden, five or six secret-service guys come over and tap them on the shoulder," said Backe. They were escorted out. But when Backe told the story again later, he admitted "nobody had tickets" and that they "saw a busboy coming out from a side door, and we snuck in the side door." His friends were appalled at hearing the news: "It's just rude. It's just disrespectful, especially to the African American community." Source & Video

Etiquette Lessons from 'The Real Housewives of DC'

Some people say that reality television melts your brain, that it can't be an educational experience. I disagree! This week I learned DC social etiquette, as well as a few things DC and The Real Housewives of DC are and are not. Without further ado, here are ten lessons I learned from just one episode. 1. Cat is "so not" Sex and the City and shopping bags. She is a leopard trench and Louis Vuitton bags coming up an escalator. Figure it out, book people! 2. Wine has legs. And other things I didn't know about. I will rely on Tareq for all my wine information from now on because he has worked very hard to make sure everyone knows he's the wine guy. 3. If you invite Michaele and Tareq to Paris on a whim, expect them to go, but if they host a party they are not legally obligated to pay for any of it. These are the rules, as confusing as they are. 4. DC is not "splashy." Tareq is not fitting in with his attention-hogging champagne-lancing ways. To Read More Click Here .

TV Tonight: What's On Thursday 8/19

It's Thursday, so that means new episodes of Plain Jane , Royal Pains , and Rookie Blue ! Also, Snooki may be about to pay for her crazy antics in real life, but her legacy lives on as she parties it up in Miami in the next episode of Jersey Shore , on tonight at 10/9c on MTV . See what else is new tonight: 8/7c Big Brother 12 on CBS 9/8c Rookie Blue on ABC Plain Jane on The CW Project Runway on Lifetime Television Burn Notice on USA Network The Real Housewives of D.C. on Bravo Degrassi A The Next Generation on CTV 10/9c Jersey Shore on MTV Royal Pains on USA Network Futurama on Comedy Central 10:30/9:30c On the Road With Austin & Santino on Lifetime Television

'The Real Housewives' Are Going International

We just saw The Real Housewives of New Jersey visit Italy, but that was just for two episodes. For years now, the Real Housewives franchise has been as American as baseball, apple pie, and over-indulgence. But according to, Bravo has plans to expand the franchise overseas. Ladies and Gentlemen, brace yourselves for The Real Housewives of Athens, which is set to debut this fall. According to The New York Post, "this version will follow affluent Greek ladies as they bustle about the cradle of democracy." Call me stupid but I'm a little confused about how this is going to work. Granted, you can barely understand some of the Housewives when they're adding words to our dictionary, but will the Real Housewives of Athens be speaking Greek with subtitles? Do they even speak Greek anymore? Or are they wealthy American ladies who have moved to Greece? In addition to Greece, the Bravo is reportedly casting for The Real Housewives of Sandbanks in Dorset, England. If you say so, Bravo! I'm skeptical, but not enough to even pretend like I won't watch. So, is this ruining the Housewives franchise or making it better? Source Here

'Real Housewives of D.C.' preview: All about the Salahis?

Before the premiere of the "The Real Housewives of D.C.," the cast and network went out of their way to stress that the show isn't all about the Salahis. But after watching the first episode, it's clear that the alleged gatecrashers make it very hard to ignore them. It was also clear that a feud is developing between the couple and cast mate, Lynda Erkiletian. She accused them of throwing a polo game for charity in which they didn't pay their vendors. Then, she voiced (and it seemed told anyone who'd listen) her opinion that Michaele Salahi is anorexic. Source & Preview

TV Tonight: What's On Thursday 8/12

It's a great night of summer Thursday TV including all new episodes of Burn Notice , Royal Pains , So You Think You Can Dance , and Jersey Shore ! Yes, it's time for more creepin'! Check out all that's on tonight: 8/7c Big Brother on CBS 9/8c Rookie Blue on ABC So You Think You Can Dance on Fox Burn Notice on USA Network The Real Housewives of D.C. on Bravo Project Runway on Lifetime Television Degrassi: The Next Generation on CTV 10/9c Boston Med on ABC Royal Pains on USA Network Jersey Shore on MTV Futurama on Comedy Central Bethenny Getting Married on Bravo Penn & Teller: Bullshit! on Showtime 10:30/9:30c On the Road With Austin & Santino on Lifetime Television 11/10c The Daily Show on Comedy Central 11:30/10:30c The Colbert Report on Comedy Central What will you be watching?

Is Cat Racist? 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' (VIDEO)

It's only been the inaugural episode of 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' (Thu., 9PM on BRAVO) and things have already gotten a little snippy. Like these small seeds of discontent that British Cat has started to sow in Stacie. In this episode, Stacie proudly introduced the gang to Cheo, Janet Jackson's personal chef, who has also catered to Tyra Banks. "Poor you," Cat responded upon hearing the name of the model-turned-actress-turned talk show host and media mogul. "Did you say 'poor you?'" pounced Stacie. "You don't like Tyra?" "Hideous," Cat proclaimed. And then she did a Tyra impersonation, replete with flailing arms and a "You ain't got it going on, baby" thrown in for good measure, and effectively ground all conversation to a halt. "The whole room got a little awkward," Mary confessed. Stacie's offense wasn't helped when Cat said she didn't appreciate when President Obama didn't show up to a function. "Cat started bashing Obama and Tyra Banks, and they all happened to be black," she said. "It was just a little bit off-putting. ... She's just very brash and I find that borderline rude." Source & Video

Other 'D.C. Housewives' Are "So Over" Michaele Salahi (VIDEO)

Earlier we showed you a clip with 'The View' host Whoopi Goldberg defending herself against accusations that she hit 'Real Housewives of D.C.' star Michaele Salahi. Now comes yet another appearance on daytime TV by Salahi and the rest of the 'D.C. Housewives' cast, 'Today' (weekdays at 7AM ET on NBC). They talked about Whoopi and more. It looks like none of the other cast members even like Salahi. In fact, they tell Kathie Lee and Hoda that they were never friends. 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' premieres tonight at 10PM ET on Bravo. You think all of this is publicity for the show? Don't be so cynical. Source & Video

Whoopi Goldberg accused of hitting 'Real Housewives' cast member on 'The View'

Whoopi Goldberg has been accused of hitting Michaele Salahi, the Real Housewives of DC cast member who made headlines last year for allegedly showing up uninvited to an event at the White House, according to ABC. (A lawyer for the Salahis told The Hollywood Reporter this morning that the couple 'may not be referred to as 'party crashers' as that statement is false and defamatory.') In a statement issued by ABC, the network says that the Salahis claim Goldberg hit Michaele during her appearance on The View on Wednesday to promote The Real Housewives of DC. Check out the full press release and the clip of the actual show below: To Read More Click Here .