Countess LuAnn to Guest on 'Law & Order: SVU'

'Real Housewives of New York City' star LuAnn de Lesseps will guest star on 'Law & Order: SVU.' Yes, you read that right. The Countess will play an art lover who poses semi-nude for a painter. According to the New York Post, De Lesseps' episode airs Feb. 23. The Bravo star also appeared in an episode of 'Royal Pains.'

'Real Housewives of New York's' Alex McCord talks hubby's new web spinoff show

When we caught up with Alex McCord last week at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, she told us that not only is "The Real Housewives of New York" still shooting down to the wire as its Feb. 15 premiere approaches, but Bravo has put her husband, Simon van Kempen to work, too."In addition to the season premiere," Alex tells Zap2it. "Simon is shooting his own webisodes for A web spinoff, which is phenomenal. That's going to be on the website the same time the show's airing." She adds, "Literally, he's been shooting while I've been here."It's so hot off the presses, it doesn't have a title yet! Premiering the same day as "The Real Housewives of New York," Simon tells that the web series will focus on his everyday life outside of his wife's show from "shopping, cooking, accidentally injuring myself and attempting to overcome one of life's toughest afflictions.""I'm delighted to get...

'Real Housewives of New York': Bravo confirms Cindy Barshop vajazzles as the new housewife

Back in September, we told you about Cindy Barshop. She owns a chain of day spas, and her claim to fame is introducing the world to sticking shiny stones around one's lady parts - better known as "vajazzling."So, Bravo must think the holiday season is the ideal time to introduce the sparkly new replacement for Bethenny Frankel, because it has finally confirmed that Barshop is indeed the newest cast member of "The Real Housewives of New York City.""She has an organic connection to the cast," Bravo programming VP Christian Barcellos tells the New York Post. "She's friends with Ramona [Singer] and has connections to Kelly [Bensimon]. They all run in the same circles."Barshop is a single mother to young twin girls, who were born in 2009. She owns a chain of day spas in Manhattan, Scarsdale, N.Y., and Palm Beach, Fla. And she lives in a downtown loft in Manhattan's West Village."She's done some unorthodox...

Real Housewives: NYC's Sonja Hits Financial Woe Blvd.; D.C.'s Stacie New Film

The latest  Real Housewives  news involves another Housewife in a financial slump, while another uses her status as a Housewife for a positive cause. New York It pains me to report that Sonja Morgan, last year's newest addition to  The Real Housewives of New York  (and fan favorite), is having a financial crisis of her own having to file for bankruptcy, according to The Wall Street Journal. “The decision to seek bankruptcy relief was not an easy one, but unfortunately, I am at a crossroads in my life,” Sonja declared in court papers filed Wednesday. She listed on her petition for bankruptcy $19.8 million in debt and $13.5 million in assets, citing a failed venture in filmmaking as the cause of her financial woes. The film, which was called "Fast Flash To Bang Time", was to have starred John Travolta, but the film suffered due to conflicting demands between Sonja's camp and Travolta's. In the end, Hannibal Pictures, the company who was involved in the business venture with Sonja, filed and won a lawsuit against Sonja for $7 million dollars. Ouch. To Read More  Click Here.

New 'Real Housewives of NYC' Star Revealed

Spa owner Cindy Barshop reportedly has been recruited to replace Bethenny Frankel on "The Real Housewives of New York City". A source told Us magazine that the casting is "confirmed" and that the new addition is "funny and very nice". Barshop is known to be the founder of Completely Bare, a successful chain of day spas specializing in hair removals. She is a single mom to twin girls, Zoe and Jesse, who were born last year. Her Facebook page showed a picture of her close encounter with reality TV. She welcomed DJ Pauly D and The Situation of "Jersey Shore" to have a tan at her salon. "Real Housewives of NYC" star Ramona Singer had a little hint about the new girl, saying "We have this new girl coming on. She is very happy with herself. Not to say I'm not going to get pissed at her or have a fight with her about something - that's just who I am sometimes! I can't help it. But it's better I tell it to your face then behind your back, right?" Regarding the casting news, a representative for Bravo said, "We haven't made any announcements regarding the cast yet." Source Here

Bravo Renews Real Housewives of New York City and New Jersey; Reunion Hits Season-High

Bravo has renewed The Real Housewives of New York City and The Real Housewives of New Jersey, a network rep confirms. The Big Apple series will be back for Season 4, the Garden State edition for its third season. Neither show's casts have been confirmed. NYC's Bethenny Frankel told US on Tuesday that she is leaving the show and there have been reports New Jersey castmate Danielle Staub has been fired. Staub has denied that, and Bravo refused to comment on both reports. The renewal news follows the explosive first part of the New Jersey reunion. Monday's telecast attracted 3.9 million viewers to make it the most-watched episode of the season, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported both pickups. The second part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion airs Monday, Sept. 6 at 9/8c. Source Here

Report: Bethenny Frankel Exiting Real Housewives of New York City

Bethenny Frankel is leaving The Real Housewives of New York City after three seasons, US reports. "Last season was scary and painful," she told US about why she turned down Bravo's offers to return for Season 4. "It took all of the joy out of it." Her departure should come as no surprise to fans of the series. After two seasons of minor disagreements with her castmates, particularly the DVR-ready "I'm up here and you're down here" argument with Kelly Killoren Bensimon, things went from bad to worse this past year. Although Season 3 captured personal joys such as Frankel's engagement and first pregnancy, it also saw her close friendship with castmate Jill Zarin come to an ugly end in a heavily covered storyline. (Then there was also that whole scary island incident with Bensimon.) To Read More Click here .

Bravo's Bethenny: "You'd Have to Drag Me" Back to Real Housewives

How does Bethenny Frankel's latest Bravo series Bethenny Getting Married? differ from The Real Housewives of New York? "Housewives is way more psychotic," she says in this video interview. Ratings: Bethenny Getting Married? the most-watched series debut in Bravo history Frankel, 39, became a fan favorite on the show when she was a single, successful Upper East Side businesswoman. Now she's starring in her own series that details her nuptials to Jason Hoppy and pregnancy (she gave birth to daughter Bryn in May 2010). Source & Video

'Real Housewives of New York City': Bethenny Frankel threatens to leave, makes one big demand

Bethenny Frankel may be leaving The Real Housewives of New York City, People reports. One of the original members of the Bravo reality show, Frankel cites her fellow cast members as the reason she may walk away. I don't see myself going back to The Real Housewives the way that the cast is now, she told People. That's a classy way of saying she can't stand these ladies anymore. This season left the housewives divided, with Bethenny and her former best friend Jill Zarin becoming the central conflict of the show. After countless (not count-ess) attempts at reconciliation and a (grueling) three-part reunion special, things still seemed tense between the women. Should Bravo listen to Bethenny's request for some changes? Or is The Real Housewives of New York City better off without her? Take our poll after the jump! To Read More Click Here .

Jill and Bethenny Hug and Make Up on 'Real Housewives' (VIDEO)

Well! After all the fussing, feuding and fighting, the 'Real Housewives' season ends here. And it ends with two women who seem to hate each other deciding to hug and make nice. This is the last installment of 'The Real Housewives of New York' reunion special (Thu., 9PM ET on Bravo). Naturally, some weirdness happened. In fact, the show was so odd that it forced us to ask a bunch of important philosophical questions. Like, was what we saw before all a mirage? And what is reality, anyway? Previously, Jill and Bethenny got into such a big fight that Jill stormed out of the room. This was followed by another Bethenny-related fight where Kelly stormed out of the room. But now, apparently, it's all good. The women suddenly decide to make up, while hanging out in their strange pink couch-filled reunion room. Jill and Beth "hug it out," and Jill says this: "I really miss you ... it's not bullsh#t." Um, say what now? Have we been watching the same show? Don't you guys hate each other? Host Andy Cohen closes out the special by saying this -- "I like to end on a little bit of forgiveness and a little bit of happiness." Okay, sure. Maybe we're being too cynical here. But did Jill and Beth's make up session seem authentic to you? Is this "real," or all a lie? Source & Video