Cant watch it outside USA?

Can anyone tell me where I can watch this show online when ur not living in the USA?

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when does it air again ?

ok soo when are they gunna air the next episode..i need to know whats gunna happen .. anyway i tthink aimy is adorablle and her BF is soo damn annoying and i love ricky hes got a hot attitude

Shawn Johnson on secret life...

I'm not sure about this, maybe I'm the only one who thinks Shawn line has to be the lamest line ever in a show...and what was up with the way she turned around and just kinda did "whatever" it was that she did. I expected an appearance that could leave a mark but i guess now it's as if she had never even appeared on the show.

Adrian needs 2 step her game up

I think Adrian can do waaay better than Ricky.WTF does she see in him? He is having a baby by another girl and is like the male slut of the school.Gracie too, what is wrong with her?.This guy would never get my attention. All his actions speak for who he really is.

The Secret Life!!!!

i realli think itz a gr8 show bt it dusnt work if ur nt in the US does ani1 av anii gud linkz for ppl in irland?????

Where the Heart Is-> My sidereel page

This has to do with some of The Secret Life of The American Teenager. It's about a 17 year girl who gets pregnant and her boyfriend abandons her at a Wal-Mart in Oklahoma. If you'd like to see it here's the link: I'd love it if you guys and girls would rate the website and start a discussion. -Thanks

ha, made out with ricky


Francia Raisa looks like Kim Kardashian.

who agrees with me?

Love It?

omg i absolutely lovvvved adrians bedroom in absent. did anyone else? and, if you know where to buy the furniture (desk, dresser, etc) or have seen it online or at a store, PLEASE tell me! with love,hopes,and dreams: -cali.surfer