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none of the episodes on ninjavideo will load for me, everytime i try to watch them it says that I am not connected to the internet..anyone else having this problem?

I Keep Getting Part 2...where is part 1?

No matter when or where I open Tudou, I am only able to see part 2 of this episode which I am in desperate need of watching(just kidding). Anyway, since I have no idea what all the language means, I can not seem to find where to click on and watch part 1. The same thing keeps happening, scene 2 opens with Aceveda gun in hand on the guy who made him(you know) and took pics of it. Where is part 1?

Season 3 Episode 1 Playing Tight can not be found on Sidereel....can someone help me?

I refuse to watch the rest of The Shield without having seen this episode, yet I need a link to watch it. For some reason every now and then when I.m trying to watch a certain tv show, there will be a missing episode that no matter how hard I look here, I can not find it. Does anyone have a working link to The Shield Episode 1 Season 3 Playing Tight....I just gotta see it.

WHY ARE PEOPLE DELETING REAL LINKS TO SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This shit is not cool five minutes ago ninja video had a post for the new shield i refreshed it was gone i went to my history to find it and am watching the new episode now. This site needs a new system for deleting and adding shows!>!>!>!>

same as last week

why does the shield get no respect? where is this weeks episode?, really no one will post it sh*t..@!!

Help to delete ALL Tvxhare, Premiershows, Jerico1, Tzshows, and Videoflix links!!

These are all bogus 'survey' links and must be deleted immediately. Also, please let megavideo know that you WILL not be paying for illegal, out of sync viddeo!

COMPLETED: Enter SideReel's The Shield Prize Pack Giveaway!

As The Shield prepares to enter its 7th and final season premiering September 2nd, there's a whole lot of intense drama to look forward to this fall. In celebration of the final chapter of FX 's award-winning series, you can enter to win a Shield Prize Pack! The Shield Prize Pack includes: *1 Season Six DVD Set *1 Season 7 poster To enter, comment on this post about why you've loved watching The Shield through the seasons. The winner will be selected and notified on Friday, August 15th. Sorry, but U.S. and Canada entrants only can be selected as the winner. Photos and giveaway courtesy of New Media Strategies


ahhh september is too long to wait i have just watched all 6 seasons within the last 2 weeks (sad i know) in preparation for season 7 now i have to wait to september, not impressed, still it looks like its going to a killer final season

season 2 episode 1

i have this episode ready to upload but stage 6 has been down for a while will hopefully be up soon

season 2 episode 1

hey there, i was just wondering if there was any chance someone could help me out with getting to episode 1 of season 2 it would be a big help, well thanks! if you know email me or so at