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Is The Shield Heading to Movie Theaters? - Featured

FX 's groundbreaking cop drama The Shield came to an end in November, but could there be a future in movies for Vic Mackey? Creator Shawn Ryan and castmembers Michael Chiklis, Walton Goggins and CCH Pounder gathered to promote their series for Emmy consideration in its final season, and there was talk of a future in features. Could it really happen? Here's what we've learned: When a fan asked Ryan, at the Los Angeles Times' Emmy Screening Series joint event for FX's The Shield and Sons of Anarchy presented by the Envelope, if there might be more of The Shield, Ryan replied, "There is a zero percent chance" of there being more of the TV show on FX, but if Fox hears "the fans agitate" for more, it could very well pull together a feature film. "That is bulls--t!" declared costar Walton Goggins, whose character, Shane, came to an ignominious end in the TV series' finale. "Wait," chimed in Sons of Anarchy lead Ron Perlman. "Who's playing Vic Mackey [in this movie]? Can I audition?" To which Michael Chiklis predictably replied, "Back off motherf--ker" (or words to that profane effect). Can you even imagine a fictional fight between Mackey and Clay Morrow, or for that matter, an acting battle between Chiklis and Perlman? Brutal. With the notable (but cheerful) exception of Goggins, the entire gang seemed up for a feature film should Fox desire such a thing. Later, when another fan asked Chiklis to pretend for the moment that there was no possible movie and to imagine where Mackey would be in his situation with ICE, Chiklis said, "I'd rather not pretend that...I'd like to pretend that I'm not getting pushed aside by Ron Perlman...[so] I can't really answer you right now." Perlman: "I'll blow the audition, don't worry about it." So anybody out there want The Shield cast to reunite for a major motion picture from 20th Century Fox? It looks like the writers and cast would be down, but they need your support to get the ball rolling. The comments are yours: Tell us if you're down and what you most want to see of The Shield on the big screen. Source: E!Online: Is The Shield Heading to Movie Theaters?

''The 13 Most Shocking TV Deaths''

We really should've known better. We waited two weeks for Brothers & Sisters ' "shocking death," when all along we should have realized that what that the network had been teasing for weeks (months even, among insiders) in the end wasn't all that shocking - especially when it didn't even really happen. Oh well, maybe we're all patsies. But to make ourselves feel better, here are the TV deaths that actually delivered a gutshot and had us talking about a character's demise the next day - for all the right reasons. 13. Dan Conner, Roseanne Critics attacked the "Roseanne wins the lottery" story arc for betraying the show's everyman, blue-collar ethos. But Roseanne (the actress-producer, that is) had a plan all along: In the series finale, it's revealed that the whole shebang was the product of Roseanne Conner's fertile, writerly mind, a literary defense mechanism she created after Dan suffered a fatal heart attack at Darlene's wedding. 12. Terry Crowley, The Shield Before you get all, "What about Lem and the hand grenade?" let us explain. Yes, Shane blowing his partner to bits was an amazing twist, but it came five seasons into one of the riskiest and most brutal TV series we've seen; we practically expected it. On the other hand, Vic Mackey popping a fellow cop to cover up his unit's misdeeds in the series' pilot caught us completely off guard, and provided a small taste of things to come. 11. Joyce Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer This one got to us simply because, in the context of an otherwordly battle between vampires and slayers, Joyce's death by brain aneurysm is a little too real. Perhaps we just didn't think the writers would off Joyce so quickly after she had begun recovering from a brain tumor. 10. J.R. Ewing, Dallas OK, fine. We know his death(s) were always survived or explained, but you have to give Dallas credit for basically inventing the season-finale cliff-hanger. Have you ever seen a "Who Shot Mary Alice" T-shirt? Thought so. 9. Adriana, The Sopranos Just as it appeared that the Feds had convinced Ade to flip, her shocking demise came at the hands of so-called "nice" wise guy Silvio. She frantically crawled off-camera through autumn leaves, begging for her life, and then two gunshots echoed, silencing one of the show's vivid female portrayals. 8. Gary Shepherd, thirtysomething While everyone was focused on Nancy's mortality as she awaited test results after cancer treatment, it was Gary who kicked the bucket after being involved in a chain-reaction car accident. Yes, the same Gary who usually rode a bicycle because he hated cars. Bitter irony alert! 7. Uh, Everyone, Six Feet Under Even for a show that began each episode with a death, Nate's death a few episodes shy of the finale still packed a punch. In the show's chilling last six minutes, though, the narrative fast-tracks audiences through 79 years, showing how each of the protagonists departed the mortal coil. Talk about tying up loose ends. 6. John Locke/Jeremy Bentham, Lost Just as John accepts his destiny to lead the island-dwellers known as The Others, it's revealed via flash-forward that Locke is the man in the coffin three years later in Los Angeles. Of course, death is a relative term on Lost (he has since appeared to have been resurrected), but seeing our favorite faith junkie lying in eternal slumber was perhaps more mind-blowing than watching the island completely disappear. To Read The Last 5 Click Here .

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Finale: All's Well That Ends Badly

The Shield made TV history in so many ways. It put FX on the map. It signaled new possibilities not only for the police drama, which it turned on its head, but for basic-cable programming, which had never gone this dark or explosively, explicitly bold. This week, the show made history again, wrapping its remarkable seven-season run with one of the most searing and satisfying series finales of all time. (Read the full recap here .) Series creator Shawn Ryan cunningly mapped out a way for Vic Mackey, that dirtiest but most gifted of ham-fisted detectives, to get away with murder, while also making him pay for his crimes in the most gut-wrenchingly ironic and savage way possible. ( Get Ryan's thoughts on the series and the finale in our postmortem Q&A !) One week earlier, in a scene that even by The Shield's shocking standards was a riveting jaw-dropper, Vic confessed everything, including his murder of fellow cop Terry Crowley that had haunted the entire series, as part of a deal granting him total immunity. Everyone who watched this go down, from his federal handler Olivia to his boss Claudette (the amazing CCH Pounder), was horrified at the reality of the monster in their midst. read more from: TvGuide

How Do You Think The Shield Should End?

After seven critically acclaimed seasons, FX 's The Shield (Tuesday, Nov. 25, 10 pm/ET) will finally close up "the Barn" for good with "Family Meeting," a blockbuster, 90-minute series finale that creator Shawn Ryan promises won't be in the ambiguous style of the Sopranos' fade to black. "The story makes sense," says Ryan. "Vic will pay a price -- some will think it's too high, and some will think it's too low." In the Nov. 18 episode, Vic Mackey left Shane and Ronnie, his Strike Team comrades, in the lurch, signing an immunity deal for himself and his ex-wife, Corinne, that required him to confess all his wrongdoings. In the episode's most clever sequence, and after what seemed to be the longest pause in television history, Mackey does confess to everything, starting with the murder of Det. Terry Crowley and, off camera, presumably all his transgressions over the life of the series. Olivia, his ICE contact, is obviously chagrined by Vic's neverending series of revelations, and promises to hold him to the letter of his agreement. So what's next? How do you think it should end? With Vic's immunity deal falling apart? Vic, Shane and Ronnie escaping to South America? Vic and Corinne reuniting? Dutch and Claudette busting Vic? Vic, face down, in a pool of blood? read from TvGuide

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Roush Dispatch: The Shield's Game-Changer

As FX's groundbreaking The Shield enters its final stretch, this week's episode is the taut turning point that hurtles the series into its deadly final act. With Shane finally taking action against his former strike team buddies Vic and Ronnie (on whom he put out a hit at the end of last week's episode), the murderous tensions between these former cohorts in crime reaches a melodramatic boil that will change everything in their lives and at the Barn forever. There are huge twists ahead, leading to a finale (which FX screened for select reporter/critics last week) that is richly satisfying. No ambiguous cut to black for The Shield. This is a show that will grab you by the throat for as long as it's allowed to spin out its crazily suspenseful story of corruption, retribution and dishonorable honor among thieves. If you've strayed during this convoluted final season, now's the time to return. read from TvGuide

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