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family guy-the simpsons-or American dad

Not picking any favorites for myself I just want to know what you think about them.

The Simpsons


Many Years

i agree wit ya canuck1984....i've been watching simpsons since the beggining and i dont find it as "knee slapping funny" like i used you said as you age personal views on humour may change.......I still really enjoy the show and will prob continue watching until it ends

Links don't work...

None of the episodes will load. it shows the loading screen, then the play button, then the loading screen again, this time going on forever. Does anyone know how to fix this?

To be honest...

The Simpsons hasn't changed a whole lot over the course of it's run. I mean this in a positive light of course. True enough, it doesn't make me laugh as much as it did so many years ago, but keep in mind that humour is a personal thing that changes as one gets older. I began watching The Simpsons as a child, and I laughed long and hard at most of the jokes. Flash forward 15 years however, and I laugh at a quarter of what I used to laugh at as a child. The show still amuses me, keeps me entertained, but it's just not 'knee-slapping' funny anymore; mainly due to my age and what I like to think of as a higher level of maturity. ;) The Simpsons is a classic. It's not meant to have a major overhaul every few years to keep it entertaining. In fact, if it were to change so drastically, it would most likely lose a good portion of it's fan base. A fan base which is primarily made up of 10-15 year olds I might add; who probably find it as funny as I found it at that age. It's a good show, maybe not for everyone, but for those of us that like it... it's fine just the way it is. (Anything tends to get a little stale when it's around for 20 odd years).

Family Guy > Simpsons

It used to seem that family guy was a rip off of the Simpsons but now it seems the Simpsons is just a bad rip off of Family guy. It's a shame to see such a legendary series go down due to bad writers and hackneyed material :(

trouble with links

is anyone else having trouble with these links? I've tried a bunch of different episodes today and none are working for me, but can get other shows to play so i don't think it's my computer. usually the one works well for me but even those ones aren't working. anyone having similar problems?

-Simpsons Rulez

I really loved this website!! I especially like the simpsons but there should be some advice for which pages should i trust!!thanks