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Glee Kids Invade The Simpsons

This one time at band camp... Gleeks be sure to catch the September 26 episode of The Simpsons, when Glee stars Lea Michele (Rachel), Cory Monteith (Finn) and Amber Riley (Mercedes) get Simpsonized. "The episode's called Elementary School Musical - a bit of a take-off on something you might be familiar with," teases Monteith. "Basically, Lisa goes to band camp and meets the other campers. I play the role of Flynn, who likes to sing and dance." To Read More Click Here .

Pics: 'Glee' Stars Animated on 'The Simpsons'

There's a saying that you know you are famous when you've been turned yellow on "The Simpsons". Some of "Glee" cast will exactly get this treatment when the Emmy-winning show returns this Fall on FOX. Several promo pictures have revealed which of the singing lots would be animated. Lea Michele's Rachel Berry is one and Cory Monteith's Finn is another. These two main characters will only be joined by their friend Amber Riley's Mercedes. The actors behind the "Glee" characters have provided voice for the animated figures. The episode is called "Elementary School Musical" and it would be the first of season 22 which airs September 26. Marge sends Lisa to a performing arts camp where she gets hooked on her new, hip lifestyle. Once back in Springfield, all Lisa can think about is returning. Playing the camp's counselors are Flight of the Conchords' Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie who also voiced their own cartoon version. Source & More Photos

The Simpsons Season 22 Premiere Promo Photos

3 promo pics from the 22nd season premiere. Spoilers. Click me!

The Simpsons Season 22 Premiere Promo Photos

3 promo pics from the 22nd season premiere. Spoilers. Click me!

Russell Brand Voices Himself on Simpsons

I can exclusively report that British bad boy Russell Brand, star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek and the upcoming Arthur remake, just left a New York City recording session for an early 2011 episode of Fox's The Simpsons. The episode, titled "Angry Dad - The Movie," finds Russell teaming with previously announced voice guest stars Halle Berry and Ricky Gervais. Bart and Homer head to Los Angeles after they're nominated for an Academy Award for their animated short based on Bart's cartoon webseries, Angry Dad. Hmm. Sounds like this installment could also be spoofing CBS's $#*! My Dad Says. Lord knows Homer has said enough $#* over the past 20 years! But is it Oscar-worthy $#*!? Source Here

Glee Cast to Voice an Episode of 'The Simpsons'! - Wetpaint

Can't get enough of Rachel, Finn, and Mercedes? Well then you might want to check out the season premiere of The Simpsons! Fox announced today that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Amber Riley will be lending their voices to the season premiere of the iconic animated series! In the opening episode, Lisa Simpson heads to a performing arts camp where the New Directioners are fellow campers. Sounds like an opportunity for fun and much self-deprecation To Read More Click Here .

'Simpsons' : Ricky Gervais returns!

Ricky Gervais is making a return trip to Springfield! The co-creator and star of The Office will lend his voice to an episode of The Simpsons this coming season, has learned. Gervais-who wrote 2006′s “Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife,” in addition to guest-starring in it as a brownbeaten husband who appears with Marge and Homer on a reality series - pops up this time as himself in an early 2011 installment that brings Homer and Bart to L.A. for the Oscars. (Gervais is not penning the episode.) Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, Daniel Radcliffe, Hugh Laurie, and Martha Stewart are among the other celebrities getting animated in season 22, which begins Sept. 26 on Fox. Source Here

Halle Berry, Paul Rudd to guest on 'The Simpsons': EW Exclusive

Interested in a Berry-flavored serving of The Simpsons? Halle Berry will play herself in an upcoming installment of the animated series, exec producer Al Jean tells The Oscar-winning actress (Monster's Ball) tosses off a few quips while presenting a trophy at the Academy Awards, which features Bart and Homer as nominees for their animated short that's based on Bart's cartoon webseries Angry Dad. It's a bit of a satire of the different Oscar acceptances where two people clearly race to the stage to get there first, says Jean, and Homer and Bart are fighting to be the one that accepts. The episode is scheduled to air in early 2011. To Read More Click Here .

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg to Guest Voice on 'The Simpsons'

Mark Zuckerberg is more and more Hollywood these days with the latest deal that secures him a title as voice actor. The Facebook founder whose life is being adapted in an upcoming feature film titled "The Social Network" will contribute his voice for his own character on "The Simpsons". According to NY Magazine's Vulture column, the yellow version of Zuckerberg will appear in the episode called "Loan-A Lisa". Lisa wants to help with Nelson's new bike company financially and happens to bump onto Zuckerberg when attending an entrepreneurs convention. He tells the kids "how many famous billionaires - including himself - have dropped out of school." The episode is slated to be aired in October, probably around the time "Social Network" hits the U.S. theaters on October 1. It was recently reported that Jon Hamm will voice an FBI agent in the new season. Also the cast members of "Glee" and "Flight of the Conchords" would be featured along with Martha Stewart, Daniel Radcliffe and Alyson Hannigan. The new season starts Sunday, September 26 on FOX. A panel will be held on Saturday, July 24 at the San Diego Comic Con. Source Here

'Simpsons' exclusive: Jon Hamm to guest

The Simpsons is serving up a side of Hamm: Mad Men star Jon Hamm will voice a character on an upcoming episode of the animated Fox comedy, exec producer Al Jean tells In the episode - titled Donnie Fatso and slated to air in December - Hamm plays an FBI supervisor whom Homer reports to when he becomes an undercover informant in prison and infiltrates Fat Tony's inner circle (which means, yes, Joe Mantegna returns to reprise his mobster role). But don't expect to see Don in this don-themed episode. There's no Mad Men reference, says Jean. Jon's a gruff FBI man. Homer asks if he can pick his undercover name and finally Jon just says, Your name will be Nicky Blue Pants Altosaxophony. Homer says, Do I get to keep the name when I'm done with it? and Jon says, No, it's the property of the government. He has no patience for Homer. And how did the recording session go with Hamm, who has also guested on 30 Rock and SNL? You gave him one note and he immediately did 12 great things with it, reports Jean. 'He was really funny. And handsome. He had it all. Source Here