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Morgan Spurlock on The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Documentary - Featured

I've been holding this interview for almost six months, but I think it was worth it. When I was in Pasadena last summer for the TCA press tour (whose winter edition I'll be leaving for on Friday morning... eep!), I spoke to Morgan Spurlock about the 20th anniversary film he was making about The Simpsons . Fox has finally decided to air that film, entitled The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special -- In 3-D! On Ice!, on January 10, along with the venerable cartoon's 450th episode. Spurlock was just in the initial stages of filming the documentary when I talked to him, but his views on the show, how it and the perception of it has changed over the years, and some of the interesting things he learned about the show made for a fun interview. Since I didn't know how long the movie was going to be, I start the talk by expressing some surprise about its length. To Read More Click Here .

Fox Turns Yellow For THE SIMPSONS

[Press Release - Released by Fox] FOX TURNS YELLOW WITH "SIMPSONS" FEVER THIS JANUARY Network Honors 20th Anniversary of THE SIMPSONS by Turning Yellow As the momentous conclusion of the "Best. 20 Years. Ever.," a year-long global celebration honoring all things THE SIMPSONS, approaches, FOX is toasting television's favorite family by turning yellow for one week beginning Sunday, Jan. 3. The 20th anniversary will culminate on Sunday, Jan. 10 with the landmark 450th episode, "Once Upon a Time in Springfield" (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT), followed by THESIMPSONS 20TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: IN 3-D! ON ICE! (8:30-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Throughout the week, FOX will incorporate the famous SIMPSONS yellow into on-air graphics and promotional spots that will run on the network and will be provided to FOX affiliates. To Read More Click Here

Homerpalooza: 20 Years of Awesome Musical Guests on The Simpsons

When you think of music meccas, you may think of Memphis, Austin or New York City. But don't forget Springfield. Along with bizarre characters and brilliant one-liners, The Simpsons has brought us two decades of great tunes - and welcomed a musical lineup that would make any show jealous. Guests have included Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash and U2. (Resident music critic Mr. Burns called the Irish rockers "wankers.") Check out's list of awesome musical Simpsons guests, and tell us: Who were your favorite musicians on The Simpsons? Green Day? Elton John? Smashing Pumpkins? Don't forget "Bleeding Gums" Murphy. Share your picks and why you love them in the comments below. Source Here

Ratings: Strong finale for 'Survivor'

CBS reality vet "Survivor," set to celebrate its 10th anniversary next year, wrapped its 19th edition with impressive numbers Sunday, easily standing as the night's top entertainment program. NBC's "Sunday Night Football," meanwhile, again topped all competition. According to preliminary nationals from Nielsen, "Survivor: Samoa" averaged roughly a 4.5 rating/11 share in adults 18-49 and 14.2 million viewers overall from 8 to roughly 10:10 p.m. -- up a bit vs. the finale of "Survivor: Gabon" in December of last year. It was followed by the reunion show, which should come in at about a 3.8/10 in 18-49 and 11.8 million viewers overall. Kicking off the night was "60 Minutes" (2.4/7 in 18-49, 13.0 million viewers overall), whose numbers are likely inflated by a football overrun in some parts of the country. To Read More Click Here .

What is Matt Groening's favorite episode of The Simpsons?

More than most other shows, it's almost impossible to pick a favorite episode from The Simpsons. When a show is around for 20 years, it's hard to narrow it down to the one episode that stands out among all the rest. Sure, there are episodes that stand out to me immediately (none from the past four or five years, that's for sure), but it would be hard to choose my favorite. The new issue of Emmy magazine asks several writers and producers from the show what their favorite episodes are, including creator Matt Groening. Can you guess which episode he picked? He picked "Lisa the Skeptic," which aired during the 1997 season (it's amazing to think that so many years ago was the 9th season of the show). That's certainly a solid pick, and gives you some insight on what Groening looks for in his own show. Here's a clip from the episode. Source & Video

'The Simpsons' Reveals 20th Anniversary Poster - Featured

Almost everybody in Springfield came for a pose on " The Simpsons " 20th anniversary poster. Brought to attention by EW, the art is like a spot-the-character feature that boasts all the primary and secondary characters found in the last two decades. This includes the monsters, the ghosts, the aliens and the animals. Entering the 21st year, "Simpsons" becomes the longest-running television show. "Gunsmoke" previously invaded CBS screen for 20 years before resolving in 1975. In celebration of the monumental season, FOX has arranged a special on January 10 that includes a Simpsons documentary and "The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special: in 3-D! on Ice!" Guest voices to be expected in the 2010 season are Daniel Radcliffe and Sacha Baron Cohen. The former will be voicing a kid vampire named Edmund in the annual "Treehouse of Horror XXI" episode. Lisa befriends Edmund but their fathers, Homer and Dracula, are against the relationship. Meanwhile, Cohen voices an Israeli tour guide whom the Simpsons meet during a church-group trip to Holy Land. His episode can be watched on March 28. Source Here

The Annoyance of Family Guy

I REALLY hate Family guy, who can honestly still say they are still entertained by the antics of Peter and his gang? I've been watching Family Guy since its beginning and I used to be entirely consumed by it. The plot was a mess, the characters were all over the place and the jokes made no sense, it was a great show to watch with The Simpson's quickly going down the drain. That was about eight years ago and as one of the first people in my school to know what the show was I introduced it to my classmates and was congratulated for it, a show so new, fresh and bold was enticing to the fifth grade audience I bragged about it to. I heard that song from Journey about 300 times and couldn't get enough until about three season ago there was a joke that didn't make me laugh, it just annoyed me. Now if i ever watch an episode i try and count the amount of times i laugh, try it yourself-my record since i started counting is 7, one every three minutes. I am flabbergasted with the respect people have for this show. Now there's 2 of them, I did try and watch The Cleveland Show, at first it was alright a little different then Family Guy, maybe enough to watch but it got into the Family Guy groove and its stuck there. Hating family guy this much as actually given me respect for The Simpsons, something i thought was dead forever came back to life and impressed me as the series went back to there roots in terms of joke styles. I'm not saying Family Guy has changed at all only my tastes of what actually makes a show good has. They try to hard, get to little, and the constant re-dos and stretching out of jokes just makes me pity them. I like a lot of television, why is it that maybe the most recognized name on television now is my most hated? Like I said I was a lover of the show and now turned hater, I'm wondering what the T.V. viewing public has to say about my view of this most heinous of television shows. P.S. I know there are grammar errors and probably more then one spelling mistake so don't bother correcting me on them, you'll just appear a fool.

The Simpsons to Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary with Special - Featured

The Simpsons will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a hour-long special and a star-studded new episode. Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock ( Super Size Me ) will be on hand to present The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special: in 3-D! on Ice, a documentary that examines the "cultural phenomenon" of the animated series, which debuted on Fox in 1989. The special will air on Sunday, Jan. 10, at 8:30/7:30c. Immediately preceding the special at 8/7c will be the series' 450th episode, "Once Upon a Time in Springfield," which will feature the voices of Anne Hathaway, the late Eartha Kitt and Jackie Mason (who will reprise his role as Krusty's father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofski). Source Here

The Simpsons Latest Episode: Season 21, Episode 7 - 'Rednecks and Broomsticks'

After getting lost in a game of hide-and-seek, Lisa wanders into the field and discovers three teenage girls who are practicing Wiccans. Though she is skeptical of their spells, the girls assure Lisa that they never hurt anyone and ask her to join their coven. Just before Lisa is inducted into their pact, Chief Wiggum arrives and arrests the three girls for witchcraft and Lisa becomes the star witness in the trial. Watch & Discuss: Watch The Simpsons: Season 21, Episode 7 - 'Rednecks and Broomsticks' Read The Simpsons' Review: Season 21, Episode 7 - 'Rednecks and Broomsticks'

The Simpsons Latest Episode: Season 21, Episode 6 - 'Pranks and Greens'

Principal Skinner tells about about, And Hamilton, a former student who was an even better prankster than he. Bart tracks down Andy, now 19 and still pulling pranks, and the two become quick friends. Watch & Discuss: Watch The Simpsons: Season 21, Episode 6 - 'Pranks and Greens' Read The Simpsons' Review: Season 21, Episode 6 - 'Pranks and Greens'