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Links for ep 8

I can't get any of the links for episode 8 to work. Can anyone post some more of the traditional ones, like Tudou or please?

Bye to "Queen Anne"!

Is anyone else besides me happy to see her and her family fall FINALLY!!! Feel sorry for Elizabeth though. Too bad season 3 is a WHOLE year away.

Confused =/

Ok, I'm confused..... I just watched season 1 episode 1 and I love it. lol But, season 1 episode 2 seems 2 be all mixed up. Like some of the links are half of episode 1 others are from somewhere else. If anyone could clarify on mybe which links i should be watching I'd be great full.

Seaon 2 is almost here...

I'm very excited that the tudors is returning soooooon, just wish Rome was still on the air too.B