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The Adventures of Torchwood Continue in a Brand New Comic Series

Its been a very long time since Torchwood graced our TV screensto the point that the thought of getting another season seems impossible. But have no fear! Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper are going to be back in action with a brand new ongoing comic series from Titan, and io9 has the first look. ...  Read More....

How Torchwood, the 'Adult' Spinoff of Doctor Who, Finally Grew Up

Ten years ago, the success of Doctor Who gave birth to the spinoff series Torchwood . After a very rough start, it evolved; while it always had its highs and lows, Torchwood ultimately transformed into something far greater than its troubled beginningsand it only really did it by cutting its links to Doctor Who .  Read More...

Torchwood Will Return... As A Series Of Audio Plays

Long have fans waited for Torchwood to make a return, after the end of the (deeply disappointing) Miracle Day . Captain Jack may not return to TV any time soon, but Torchwood will continue in another form: as a series of new audio plays from Doctor Who audio producer Big Finish.   Read More...

'Revenge' Enlists 'Torchwood' Alum for Recurring Role (Exclusive)

The ABC drama is putting a face to another member of the mysterious Americon Initiative.

Torchwood's Barrowman injured in UK Jack + the Beanstalk play

Captain Jack Harkness might be immortal (well, most of the time), but that doesn't mean that former Torchwood star John Barrowman can take a fall and keep on going without a hitch. After taking a tumble in a U.K. production of Jack and the Beanstalk today, the beloved genre actor was hospitalized with undisclosed injuries.

Torchwood star Barrowman wants to join CW's Arrow full-time

The CW's gritty superhero series Arrow got some major sci-fi clout with the addition of Torchwood star John Barrowman (aka Captain Jack Harkness) in a supporting role. But now Barrowman's having so much fun he wants to do even more.

Starz to Feature "Torchwood" and "Spartacus" at 2011 Comic-Con on Friday, July 22nd

STARZ TO FEATURE "TORCHWOOD" AND "SPARTACUS" AT 2011 COMIC-CON ON FRIDAY, JULY 22ND Cast of Highly Anticipated Series, 'Torchwood: Miracle Day,' Including Stars John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Bill Pullman, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, Lauren Ambrose and Writer Jane Espenson To Appear on Panel at 10am PT/Room 20; Special Advanced Screening of Episode 103 of Series on Thursday, July 21st at 9:30pm PT in Room 6DE Liam McIntyre, Star of 'Spartacus: Vengeance' To Be Introduced to Fans at 5:45pm PT/Room 6BCF Along with Fellow Leads Dustin Clare, Lucy Lawless, Manu Bennett, Katrina Law and EP Steven S. DeKnight. Read More...

'Torchwood' Creator Russell T Davies on Captain Jack's Dangerous Secret and Much More

Some writers tinker around the edges with their shows, but Russell T Davies, the creator of 'Torchwood,' is not one to play it safe. For the acclaimed 'Torchwood: Children of Earth,' which aired in 2009, Davies redesigned the sci-fi thriller as a short-run miniseries to make it more accessible to newcomers. It worked: The propulsive 'Children of Earth' was a hit for the BBC worldwide. This season, the drama will change networks in the U.S. -- it debuts on Starz July 8 -- and creatively speaking, Davies is not letting 'Torchwood' rest on its laurels. In the interview below, Davies speaks in depth about the changes he'll unveil in 'Torchwood: Miracle Day,' which stars John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Mekhi Phifer, Lauren Ambrose and Bill Pullman. Read More...

How Much Stuff is Starz's Torchwood Going to Blow Up? (VIDEO)

With Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Camelot under its belt in the original programming department, cable channel Starz isn't afraid to turn up the sensationalism dial. Typically, if a show has "Starz" on its front cover, you can expect rippling pecs, bare breasts, and dismemberments. And why not? It's premium cable. That might not be the exact case for the network's upcoming sci-fi drama Torchwood: Miracle Day , but the new show won't be sleepy, either. The latest promo from Starz places an emphasis on the series' action—and features an unholy...

Watch: Bill Pullman, John Barrowman talk up 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' in new clip

More and more info is coming out about the latest entry in the "Torchwood" franchise, "Torchwood: Miracle Day." A new behind-the-scenes video offers a few more explanations to the show's core mystery -- and reveals some high-end action scenes.