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Just signed up here...Can anyone explain why these shows take longer to load than they are to watch? Any tips?

what am i going to do?

so i just finished reading the series, and i loveddddd it:) it was awesome, i will definatley say that i liked the books better, buuut. the series really does add more to the screen, more story lines and more to think about, but now im done reading, and the series just had its finale, and now im left with no more sookie:( what am i gunna do with my sundays now? lol


Sam has explained to sookie that werewolfs exist. For those who have read the book can you (without spoilers) tell me if werewolves will make an appearence in later episodes

Shape Shifter

OK i don't know if any one eles relized this, but Sam is the shape shafter and we learn that in the later episodes but did any one notice the fact that he is petting the dog he shifts in to in the earlyer episodes meaning his puppy is still alive ?


yeah i can't fin dhow to get to the video on that! any other suggestions or help? I haven't seen the new episode yet and i am dying!

what did you think of episode 11??

Well last night episode ten was aired at long last!..It wasn't long enough for my liking but otherwise a good episode..I wish that next weeks episode wasn't the last in the series,it's very sad.:(.I want to know what you thought of the episode?.

The Killer

Spoiler alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ********************************************************* ********************************************************* ********************************************************* I think I know who killed all those girls! Could it be Hoyt Fortenberry? No one knows Amy is into vampires except for Hoyt and Rene, when Jason told them where he met her. Jason also told Hoyt and Rene that Amy is into V. I know Rene could be the one as well, but he's such a sweetie, I think its Hoyt :P Also, maybe Hoyt's mother is so crazy protective because her daughter, Hoyt's sister, [Cindy] was murdered? But the last scene of the brother looks like Rene doesn't it? What do you guys think?

Sidereel on lockdown?

Does anyone know why a lot on the pages have locks on there links. No one can add anything. Is there a reason for this? Anyone know of a genuine none survey site that I can get my next hit of True Blood at!? lol!


where's episode 11?