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Episode 3 - Scratches SNEAK PEAK!

watch episode 3 trailer scratches looks like it's going to be an intense episode! I can't imagine it being as good as the premiere but take a look: there's a war coming! watch episode 3 trailer

'True Blood' 2.03 Preview: 'Scratches' - Featured

The fangs are out, Jessica is no longer a good girl. In the preview of " True Blood " June 28 episode, the new vampire is so bored that she decides to hang out at Merlotte's where she meets Hoyt Fortenberry and puts him under her spell. Also, Sam is telling Tara to look at Maryann deeper and to stay away from the mysterious 'social worker'. After snapping at Tara and new employee Daphne, Sam decides to cut and run. Meanwhile, at another Maryann-hosted party, Tara finds her attraction to Eggs interrupted by a swirling, aphrodisiac fog. When Sookie is attacked by a mysterious creature, Bill must enlist Eric's help to save her. At the Light of Day retreat, Jason has second thoughts about the sect's anti-vampire agenda, but Sarah and Steve counter his doubts with flattery and promises. The episode is titled "Scratches" and Stephen Moyer aka Vampire Bill has something to say about it. Asked about how the season has been going on, he said "I think that our first two episodes are very much about setting up new ideas for the season, and Episode 3 is when it really starts to show something completely new. I've only seen up until Episode 3, but I was blown away by it." Watch the Preview

TRUE BLOOD "Keep This Party Going" Sneak Peek

Watch a sneak peek of tonight's TRUE BLOOD "Keep This Party Going"

TV Guide Top Moments: Real Housewives, Real Problems - Featured

Television is usually our escape from the problems of the world, but not this week. Serious stories ruled the screen, from the drama in North Korea to the uprisings in Iran. Somehow reality TV stars also snaked in some airtime. And somewhere between reality and reality TV was a continuing fight pitting governor against comedian. Enjoy our Top Moments, real-life edition. 10. Best Reveal: After teasing us with a familiar-looking dead body in a car, the season premiere of True Blood gives us the good news that Lafayette, ever the survivor, is still alive! The bad news: He's chained up in a dungeon of some sort, and Eric, his vampire captor, has a nasty temper. 9. Why Yes, I Will Do Anything Award: "Hi, T-Pain? This is the Country Music Association. We saw that boat thing you did on Saturday Night Live and were wondering...would you open our awards show by performing a song called Thug Story with Taylor Swift? Yeah, I guess it's kiiiiind of making fun of the genre that made you famous, but in an endearing way. You will? Yeee-haw!" 8. Best Slice of Life: In the closing scenes of Pushing Daisies ' series finale, Ned the Piemaker realizes that keeping his secret has hurt his beloved Chuck. So he reunites her with Lily and Vivian. The show's ending is the Charles family's new beginning. 7. It's-Not-Over-'til-It's-Over Award: As time expires, Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury fends off a shot from 10-time All-Star Nicklas Lidstrom to hold onto a 2-1 win over the Red Wings and win the Stanley Cup. Adding to the drama, the Pens lost to the Wings in last year's finals, and were down twice in this series. Want more stats? Cool. Pittsburgh also became the first team not just in the NHL but the MLB or NBA to win a finals game seven on the road since the Pittsburgh Pirates did it 30 years ago. We raise our Iron City to you, Pittsburgh. 6. Best Shot: During the piling-on stage of the Los Angeles Lakers' 99-86 win over the Orlando Magic, for the NBA championship, Kobe Bryant does something that really does seem magical. Leaping into mid-air under the net, he hovers past two defenders and switches the ball from his right hand to his left before banking it in for the Lakers 66th point. He lands hard and glides backwards across the floor on his backside, but somehow looks graceful doing it. All in about two seconds. Watch it here, starting at 1:41. 5. Most Tact: Lisa Ling goes on Anderson Cooper 360 to plead with North Korea for the release of her sister and another journalist sentenced to 12 years in a labor camp for the crime of crossing the country's borders with some secret, nefarious intent: releasing information, perhaps. "All we can say is that they are journalists and they were doing their job," Ling explains. To Read More Click here .

Updated List of TV Panel at 2009 San Diego Comic Con - Featured

The TV panel for this year's San Diego Comic Con is shaping up with the announcement of more date confirmations. It is now known that " Lost " will be presented on Saturday, July 25 at Hall H, starting 11 A.M. until noon. Considering that the upcoming season will be the last for the series, the line for the panel is expected to be one of the longest. Also being updated are the time and place for new series "Flash Forward" and " Human Target ". The former will have one-hour session on Friday, July 24 beginning 11:45 A.M. at room 6A, while the latter is among the Saturday line-up, taking the 4:45 P.M. to 5:45 P.M. slot at Room 6BCF. The latest updated version of other panels is listed below. Meanwhile, question mark is still surrounding " Ghost Whisperer ", " Legend of the Seeker ", " The Prisoner " and " True Blood ". The shows have confirmed their participations but the date and venue have not been announced yet. Rumors are also still busting for the presence of " 24 ", " Battlestar Galactica: The Plan ", " Bones " and " Glee ". Thursday, July 23 " Dexter " (Ballroom 20, 5 P.M.-6 P.M.) " The Middleman " (TBD) " Psych " (TBD) Friday, July 24 " Batman: The Brave and the Bold " (Room 6DE, 10:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M.) "Flash Forward" (Room 6A, 11:45 A.M.-12:45 A.M.) " The Big Bang Theory " (Ballroom 20, 1 P.M.-2 P.M.) " Past Life " (Room 6A, 2:15 P.M.-3:15 P.M.) "The Mighty Boosh" (Room 6A, 4:45 P.M.-5:45 P.M.) " Dollhouse " (Ballroom 20, time TBD) " Stargate Universe " (TBD) " Caprica " (TBD) " Eureka " (TBD) Saturday, July 25 " Chuck " (Ballroom 20, 10 A.M.-11 A.M.) " Eastwick " (Room 6A, 10:15 A.M.-11:15 A.M.) " Lost " (Hall H, 11 A.M.-noon) " V " (Ballroom 20, 2:45 P.M.-3:45 P.M.) " Fringe " (Ballroom 20, 4 P.M.-5 P.M.) " Human Target " (Room 6BCF, 4:45 P.M.-5:45 P.M.) "Vampire Diaries" (Room 6BCF, 6 P.M.-7 P.M.) " MythBusters " (Room 6BCF, 6:15 P.M.-7:15 P.M.) "Planet of the Dead & Torchwood: Children of Earth" (Room 6A, 7:30 P.M-10:30 P.M) " Warehouse 13 " (TBD) " Sanctuary " (TBD) Sunday, July 26 "Doctor Who" (Ballroom 20, 10 A.M.-11 A.M.) " The Spectacular Spider-Man " (Room 6A, 10:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M. ) " Smallville " (Room 6BCF, 10:30 A.M.-11:30 A.M.) " Supernatural " (Room 6BCD, 11:45 A.M.-12:45 P.M.) " Being Human & Torchwood " (Room 6BCF, 2:15 P.M.-3:45 P.M.)

'True Blood' Scores Huge Ratings

The numbers are in, and True Blood is a bona fide hit for HBO . The early reports say that 3.7 million viewers watched the season 2 premiere on Sunday, a number that doesn't yet include the multiple airings the network offers. That number might not seem high to American Idol followers who are used to getting more than 20 million, but for pay cable, this is huge. It's HBO's highest episode rating since The Sopranos season finale. True Blood season 1 debuted with just 1.44 million viewers, and the first season finale only earned 2.4 million viewers. In other words, more than a million people got hooked on True Blood, and those are the kind of numbers that establish True Blood as HBO's next big franchise hit, a show that could easily run for five or six seasons. Source Here

Top Chef Hops on the Vampire Train: Tom Colicchio's 'Tru Blood' - Featured

If anyone knows how awkward it can be to chill with one's vampire friends without a Tru Blood-like hot meal-in-a-glass to enjoy alongside them, it's Top Chef 's Tom Colicchio. Tom's pushing it a little here trying to hop on the vampire train, but SideReel loves True Blood and Top Chef , so we'll give it to him! So, in honor of SideReel's Ultimate Vampire Face-off wrapping up, the premiere of True Blood , and tomorrow night's new Top Chef Masters , check out Tom's yummy solution for your human-vampire hangouts. The Perspective- Tom Colicchio Tru Blood Segment

True Blood Trailer Released for season 2 episode 2!

Watch episode 2 trailer the season 2 episode 2 trailer for true blood was released and it looks pretty hot. Intense would be an understatement when talking about this show! Don't want to ruin anything so just watch :) Watch episode 2 trailer

'True Blood' Exclusive: Lafayette Speaks! - Featured

WARNING: Stop reading if you have not watched the season premiere of True Blood . I mean it. Everyone else, onward and downward... ***************************** *Spoiler Alert!* ***************************** Now that you've seen the season 2 premiere of True Blood, join me in a chorus of "Hallelujah, Lafayette lives!" Although last November's cliff-hanger seemed to suggest that series creator Alan Ball was remaining faithful to Charlaine Harris' books and sending Nelsan Ellis' fierce, flamboyant alter ego to an early grave, Sunday's debut confirmed what many fans had hoped: Ball decided to spare the wildly popular character. But why? In this exclusive interview, Ellis has the surprising answer to that question, as well as scoop on another possible detour Ball has up his sleeve -- this one involving a deep connection between Lafayette and Alexander Skarsgard's Eric. Full interview at

Blood Bath: SideReel's Ultimate Vampire Face-Off (Completed) - Featured

Voting is closed and will no longer be counted!! Check out the final bracket below: Since True Blood is now back on HBO for its second season at 9PM, SideReel has vampires on our minds. We started to wonder...what would happen if some of the most known vampires from both TV and film faced off against one another in a battle? Who would emerge victorious? That's for you to decide! Help us out by voting in our Ultimate Vampire Face-Off! Round 1 begins now and will end tomorrow (Saturday) at 2PM PST. Update: Round 2 voting has now begun. Please choose your new 4 winners. Update 2: Round 3 voting has started! Choose your victors between Angelus vs. Spike (epic!) and Dracula vs. Lestat. Update 3: It's the final Showdown! We're left with 4th seed Spike (defeating Angelus 120-88) versus 2nd seed Dracula (defeating Lestat 115-82). Vote for your ultimate vampire! Winner declared tomorrow at 2PM PST. Final Update: Spike wins in a landslide victory. Not even the legendary Dracula is a match for everyone's favorite platinum haired vamp from the Buffyverse! Click to view full size image You can see that we've seeded the two sides of vampires as those from TV and those from film. To vote, please comment with the names of the 8 vampires that you believe would emerge victorious in the first 8 match-ups. The bracket will be updated tomorrow afternoon and you can begin voting in Round 2 at that point. Update 1: Round 1 voting has concluded. Major surprises: Edward Cullen not invincible...defeated by Tom Cruise's Lestat. Did not see that one coming! Please place your votes for Round 2 through 2PM tomorrow! Update 2: Round 2 voting has concluded. Some strong contenders have been weeded out including Underworld's Selene and True Blood 's Eric. Vote for your Round 3 winners now! Update 3: Round 3 voting has concluded. Vote now in the Final Showdown! Final Update: Spike Wins! Thanks for voting and participating, everyone! It's time for a Blood Bath! Digg SideReel's Vampire Face-off