Pilot- Stange Love

Did anyone notice how in the pilot that was aired again with the new character playing Tara, that some of the scenes were cut differently and others were actually shown. (The ones with Bill outside Sookies window and following) It changes the scope of the show quite a bit. Especially the cut of the gaurdian/cloaked figure in the woods while Sookie was saving Bill. Before it was almost as if that person was controlling the chains and everything while now it's Sookie. Also it takes them out of the running for killer, which is a little strange since that seemed like a likely candidate.

pilot vs ep 1

so by now we all know that there was 2 versions of the first episode. But aside from the major difference of Tara being a different actress, what else was there different? Tell me if i was the only one who noticed some girl in the forest when Sookie was rescuing Bill who seemed to help her out? It seemed to me that she was some how connected to the dog, but im not sure.