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a link s03e07

I have a link i want to add, but for some reason i can't do it. So here's the link! Maybe someone else can add the link

Whats up?

where the links for the next episode.

Why Why Why?

Why is it that Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl get posted minutes after airing but Ugly Betty or even One Tree Hill takes HOURS???? What is the deal??? >:(


The new episode of prison break (or whatever show) is out and you're excited. You come to the sidereel page all eager and ready to watch. And you are told as soon as you get there, that a character has died. Why? Why?! Why must the fan scroll through reviews and news packed with spoilers to get to the episodes in the first place? Sidereel: understand your priorities, your ruining what should be a brilliant experience. Then again, I could be mistaken. Is there a way to customise your profile so such articles are not there?


I really dont understand from the natural point how Alexis can be a father? I thought she was a woman..... can u explain me what's it all about?


when wil episode 3 be aired on tv? is tonight when they skip til next week??

Ugly betty

I can't open up any of the links to watch ugly betty S03E02. Anyone know any where else i can watch it?

i can't watch the 2nd episode

can someone please put up a link to episode 2?? i am out of the U.S. and can't watch it on the network sites. please?????

What's going on?

There are no links for the second episode of Ugly Betty

Betty's Back! What do you think of Betty's choice?

At the end of last season of Ugly Betty we were left with the jumbo-cliffhanger: Would Betty choose getting engaged to Henry and moving to Tucson, going to Italy with Gio or neither? And so finally we got our answer in the Season 3 premiere! *Spoiler Alert!* It seemed pretty well set up for the possibility of her choosing neither of the guys considering her circumstances, so I wasn't very surprised, with this choice for Betty, but after the premiere, I think this choice is going to be the most fun and interesting to watch play out. In the first season, we met Betty who was on the road to finding herself, her confidence, her career path, and yes, love. I want happiness for this dear character, so if it had seemed best for her to choose a guy, that would've been great, but I think leaving her options and story so open like this is much more exciting and great for the show! So do you agree? Was this a good choice for Betty or do you wish she'd gone with either Henry or Gio? Check out SideReel's full review of the premiere: Ugly Betty Premiere: The Manhattan Project... of Doom? Photo courtesy of