Morris Chestnut Talks V Season One Finale

V’s first season comes to a close tonight, hot on the tail of ABC’s official renewal of the series for mid-season. One of the most compelling story threads is the hybrid pregnancy between Visitor turned human sympathizer Ryan (Played by Morris Chestnut) and his human wife Val (Lourdes Benedicto). The pregnancy has progressed at an accelerated pace and at the end of last week’s episode of V we caught word that Val’s water had broken. Adding to the complications is the fact that Val has caught wind of Ryan’s non-human status and is in fear for her life. With his human wife in hiding, Ryan’s humanity has become more and more tentative. To Read More Click Here .

V Season Finale Preview: "Red Sky"

In the V season finale, Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) chooses to go on the offensive and take the fight to the Vs. She and Anna (Morena Baccarin) agree to have dinner aboard one of the ships, but Erica has more devious things on her mind. She's not just there for a good meal - she wants to destroy the super soldiers she believes are aboard. Meanwhile, Valerie (Lourdes Benedicto) has a scare when her water breaks and realizes she's about to give birth. Also, Chad (Scott Wolf) wises up and comes to the realization Anna was playing him like a fiddle. To Read More Click Here .

V Sneak Peeks: "Red Sky" Episode 12

This coming Tuesday night will be the season (hopefully not series!) finally of V. And from the sneak peek of these episode stills, "Red Sky" will be the hour we have been waiting for! Erica tells the other fifth column members that she has a plan to stop Anna's soldier eggs from hatching. This will lead our main characters into battle...but, will we get to see the battle end?! Follow the jump to check out our V pictures to see that Val also is ready to deliver her half alien/half human child! And one thing is for certain - we can't wait to see what It looks like! Source & More Photos