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'Veronica Mars' Alum Joins Fox Buddy Comedy 'The Enforcers'

Ryan Hansen has joined the pilot starring Christine Woods and Niecy Nash.   Read More...

Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell Will Appear on iZombie

The ultimate crossover will happen in January.

Veronica Mars on iZombie: Kristen Bell to Appear in Fifty Shades Send-Up

iZombie is staging a potentially sexy Veronica Mars reunion. Kristen Bell who played the titular private eye in the UPN/CW series and feature film will be heard (but not seen) in a winter episode of Mars creator Rob Thomas undead drama. Per, the actress will lend her voice to Episode 11, titled []

Rankings: Who Is the Best Private Investigator from TV?

The detective and the private investigator are some of the oldest professions in fiction. In fact, entertainment as we know it now can be accredited in large part to the detective novels of the late 1800s. So it would stand to reason that TV has had a number of memorable PI's over its decades of existence. Here are 11 of our favorites ranked from the last 20 or so years. Perhaps not all had the official title, they all play a big part in investigating and solving crimes.

Veronica Mars Star Kyle Gallner Is Married

Veronica Mars star Kyle Gallard, who's also appeared in The Walking Dead and American Sniper, married his longtime girlfriend Tara Ferfuson on Saturday, December 12.   Read More...

4 iZombie Veronica Mars Crossovers You Might Have Missed

  Many a blogger has outlined the similarities between iZombie and Veronica Mars , writer-creator Rob Thomas s serial mysteries starring plucky blondes with conspiracies to unravel. And fans will surely recognize many faces on iZombie , which has so far featured several cameos by actors who factored into Veronicas core crew. Tuesday night's season-two premiere featured one more former Neptune resident and in his honor, weve collected all the notable guest stars so far. Since procedurals burn through bit players far faster than any other genre, were hopeful the alumni ranks can grow: Wed love to see Ken Marino and Jason Dohring join the undead. Four down, dozens to go!   Read More...

Veronica Mars Star Francis Capra Reveals Kristen Bell Is No Marshmallow

As Veronica Mars fans well know, the titular detective is really a big softie under her hard exterior a marshmallow, if you will. Weve always thought Kristen Bell was just as tender as her alter ego. However, it turns out shes one tough cookie, even with the toughest actor on the set, Francis Capra   Read More...

Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell Eye Possible Veronica Mars Limited Series

Veronica Mars mayreunite with her first love: television. At Comic-Con Friday, Marsoverlord Rob Thomas in San Diego to talk up iZombie Season 2 revealed to TVLine that he and leading lady Kristen Bell have discussed the possibility of following up the sleuths recent big-screen adventure witha short-run series. VIDEOSExclusive Video: Kristen Bell Talks []

Exclusive: iZombie Stages a Veronica Mars Reunion

  Veronica Mars alum Percy Daggs III will guest-star in an episode of The CW's upcoming comic book series iZombie , has learned exclusively.   Read More...

Tina Majorino Talks LEGENDS, How Rewrites Changed Her Character’s Backstory, Support from VERONICA MARS and NAPOLEON DYNAMITE Fans, and More

The new TNT series  Legends , based on the book by master spy novelist  Robert Littell , follows Martin Odum ( Sean Bean ), an undercover agent working for the FBI’s Deep Cover Operations division, who has such an uncanny ability to transform himself into a completely different person for each job that he begins to question whether he really is the man he believes himself to be.  The show also stars  Ali Larter ,  Morris Chestnut ,  Tina Majorino ,  Steve Harris ,  Amber Valletta  and  Mason Cook . During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Tina Majorino (who plays Maggie Harris, the newest member of the DCO team) talked about how she got involved with this show, that a different actor had originally been cast in Sean Bean’s role, how the rewrites of the original script changed the backstory of her character, how Maggie fits in with the team, and the research she did to get into the headspace of someone in this profession.  She also talked about how surreal and amazing it’s been to have such great fan support from her involvement with  Veronica Mars  and  Napoleon Dynamite .  Check out what she had to say after the jump.   Read more...