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SideReel's Top 10 Shows with Notable Music, Part 2 - Featured

One Tree Hill - The concept of music is a pretty large component of OTH - Peyton's record label, Haley's music career and the incorporation of actual singers and groups into the show's plot (from Fallout Boy to "Mia") - so it's no wonder that the series has a knack for picking out some fantastic music. One Tree Hill has some excellent music supervisors - choosing music that is not so mainstream that you'll groan at hearing the same song on yet another series, but mainstream enough that the show's young audience will embrace it. OTH has also used real life bands in a creative way - once incorporating a "Benefit Concert" into an episode, only to sell an actual benefit CD , with some of the proceeds going to charity. Some bands used in the series that I'm fond of: Nada Surf, Jack's Mannequin, The Weepies, Citizen Cope and of course, Gavin DeGraw (back when they still played the theme song). Supernatural - Seriously, would some of the things that the Winchester brothers do seem nearly as badass were it not for the sounds of AC/DC, Kansas, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bon Jovi, REO Speedwagon et al that fill the background? If I ever find myself fighting against forces from Hell, I can only hope that my fights will be set to the same awesome backdrop of classic rock. I would argue that no other show is as faithful to such a specific genre of music as Supernatural , but it's a perfect match. I don't want to know what the music licensing fees are for this one... Veronica Mars - From the moment that I first heard usage of the Dandy Warhols' "We Used to Be Friends" as the Veronica Mars theme song (which perfectly described Veronica's outcast status in Neptune), I knew that I would approve of the show's music. Much like the character of Veronica and the series as a whole, musical selections tended to be slightly offbeat and slightly alternative. Awesome bands used in the series: Spoon, Tegan and Sara, Stereophonics, Interpol, Old 97's, The Hives, Starsailor and Sparklehorse. Scrubs - Scrubs probably has the best soundtrack that I've ever heard on a TV comedy. In fact, I'd say that it's the apt musical selections that often contribute to defining both the show's most comedic moments and its most serious ones. The Fray's "How to Save a Life" played at the end of the episode where Doctor Cox lost 3 patients in a single day and decided to quit medicine. It was one of the most powerful episodes of the series and I credit usage of the song for helping to set the tone. Of course, lets also not forget some of the show's lighter musical moments, including Turk's Air Guitaring to Boston and the a capella sounds of Ted's Band. Grey's Anatomy - You might argue that no show so much as Grey's has had the ability to catapult a previously lesser-known group into musical superstardom. "The Fray" and "Snow Patrol" were once upon a time not household band names, and it was before their songs appeared in key scenes of key episodes of Grey's. In fact, "Chasing Cars" from Snow Patrol has become so closely associated with Izzie bawling over a Dead Denny that I can no longer separate the song from that scene in my head. Love or hate how Grey's can pluck an unknown musical gem from obscurity and make them the next big sensation, there's no denying that the show knows where to find great music. What shows have the most notable music for you?

Is the VMars Movie Dead Again? - Featured

Bad news for the Veronica Mars movie hopefuls. The current word is that "it's not looking good". From the show's creator Rob Thomas: "I think honestly if we would have had the pitch ready a year earlier, it would be a 'go project. The hope that we would get a quick green light didn't materialize. This is the least optimistic I've felt in a while." Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, guys... Source: EW

You Can Watch the First Episode of Party Down Now! - Featured

It is really really hard to launch a successful 30 minute comedy, and Starz may have just managed to do it with their new series, Party Down . Party Down is about a group of struggling dreamers who are stuck working for tips while waiting for their big break. As employees of the L.A. catering company Party Down, these misfits mingle with guests at everything from sweet sixteen parties to the most lavish Hollywood soirees. The show stars Jane Lynch, Lizzy Caplan ( True Blood , Cloverfield), Ken Marino (The State), Adam Scott, Ryan Hansen ( Veronica Mars ) and Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks). It comes from the creator of Veronica Mars, Rob Thomas, and will even feature a guest appearance by Kristen Bell herself later in the season. The pilot is now available for early viewing on both and YouTube Watch and let us know if you like it!

Pilot News: Minka Kelly and Jason Dohring Hot for CW's Body

Friday Night Lights ' Minka Kelly has landed the female lead on Body Politic, The CW 's pilot about an absurdly pretty gathering of D.C. up-and-comers. Kelly will play Hope, a sweet Michigan gal who, after her mother dies, moves to Washington to connect with the father she never knew - a senator-turned-attorney general (played by Animal House's Tim Matheson). And what of Kelly's FNL gig? According to the Hollywood Reporter, should the NBC/DirecTV series get picked up for a fourth season, the actress likely would return for at least a few episodes, to wrap up college-bound Lyla's storyline. Also on board for Body Politic is Jason Dohring, playing a reporter for the Washington Post. Following his run as Veronica Mars ' Logan, Dohring most recently had a series regular role on CBS' short-lived Moonlight . Source here

'Gossip Girl' exclusive: 'Lost,' 'Veronica Mars' alums flash back - Featured

"Let's do the time warp again!" is becoming a familiar refrain for more and more actors, now that Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are filling out the cast for their '80s-set Gossip Girl prequel. On the heels of Andrew McCarthy's hiring as the dad to Brittany Snow's Lily, my moles tell me exclusively that Lost alum Cynthia Watros is this close to a deal to play Lily's mom, CeCe. Also coming aboard, I hear, is Ryan Hansen, best known as Veronica Mars ' aptly named Dick. He'll play Owen's (Shiloh Fernandez) pal, Shep, who's crushing (futilely) on Krysten Ritter's Carol. Source here

Kristen Bell Sizzles At "A Night At Sardi's" Charity Event

The beautiful Kristen Bell made an appearance at the Alzheimer's Association's 17th Annual "A Night At Sardi's" in Beverly Hills, wearing a gorgeous strapless multi-colored layered dress that definitely... See her pics at Putu.Us

Kristen Bell - Arriving at the "Late Show with David Letterman" in New York, Feb. 26th

"Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell made an appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" in New York on Feb. 26th. Kristen showed off great legs in a very short one-shoulder black dress with leather jacket... See her pics at Putu.Us

Kristen Bell Talks to MTV About Mars Movie (Video) - Featured

We mentioned a few days ago that Kristen Bell was making a guest appearance on Veronica Mars creator's new series, Party Down . Well, MTV News caught up with Bell on the Party Down set and tried to get some more info out of her regarding the Mars Move. Check out the video here: Kristen Bell Talks About Possible Veronica Mars Movie

Kristen Bell to Party Down - Featured

I am officially sold on new Starz Comedy Party Down though I have yet to see any form of video preview for it! The program premieres in March - the 20th - and comes from none other than Veronica Mars 's brilliant creator, Rob Thomas. Its premise: Struggling actor-wannabees open up a catering business to pay the bills. Has some serious promise, don't you think? Add to its pedigree a bunch of funny people (Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, Jane Lynch, Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen) including multiple VM alums; Marino played Vinnie Van Lowe and Hansen played Dick Casablancas. Speaking of Mars alums, none other than Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring will both be making guest appearances on the series (Dohring in the second episode; Bell later in the season). So who else is excited? Source: E!Online

'Veronica Mars' the Movie Geared Up for Pitch - Featured

A " Veronica Mars " update has been thrown in by series creator Rob Thomas. Having rejected the rumored plot that Kristen Bell's Veronica Mars may end up at the F.B.I. earlier, the 43-year-old told Entertainment Weekly that he is prepping to pitch the feature film project to Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver. "I'm preparing the pitch now - literally now," Thomas revealed his plan on Monday, February 9. "I hope to go in and talk to [executive producer] Joel Silver and [Warner Bros.] in the next week or two to see if they're interested." While sharing out his pitching plan, the screenwriter noted that he is still working on the script. "I haven't figured it out yet," he said of the end plot. "That's what I'm working on now. It's close. A few key details left to solve." Meanwhile, on the hurdles he has to go through for this movie, Thomas acknowledged, "I have some fear that Veronica Mars fans believe that the chief hurdle in getting the movie made is my writing it. Unfortunately, that's only one of several hurdles. I'm going to give it my best shot and let the chips fall where they may." "It's entirely possible I won't have an answer at the end of the pitch," he further continued. "They will want to consider [the pitch], look at some numbers - whatever it is people on the business side do - and then they'll give me some sort of response. Then, if they want to move forward, there's the deal-making that'll need to go on." "Veronica Mars" was a TV series about a high school student moonlighting as a private investigator in her father's own private investigation agency. She is initially pulled to the detective world when her best friend was murdered. Following the titular character starred by Kristen Bell from high school to college, the series was premiered on September 22, 2004 and ended on May 22, 2007. Source here