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Womens Murder Club

I am sad that this show has been canceled. I have totally enjoyed it and would like to know if episode 13 is the last one.

I liked this show

I hate that they canceled this show and Cashmiere Mafia. I really liked them both. They both showed strong women getting things done.

Does anyone have the link?

does anyone have the link to the last episode? none of them worked, i think thats why they got deleted off sidereel! helppp please! i would really like to watch this episode! thank you!

link!! =)

how come theres no link for last nights episode!! i really want to watch it, cud sum1 please add a link , thank you!( well one that works haha)

So is it going to come back next season then?

Just want to know if anyone knows if it is coming back next season yet. Since its coming back for 3 more episodes. Which is good. I think this is a decent show. Even though its a cop show, its not too dark and its a bit entertaining.