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  • Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom

    Sonic (last name "The Hedgehog") and his BFF Tails are finally getting their own series! They have adventures, get invovled in hijinx, and fight the eeeeeevil Doctor Eggman. All of Sonic's other friends are due to make appearances, and come on, you still have a soft spot for this ring-crazy speedster. Relive your childhood with Sonic Boom!

  • BoJack Horseman

    BoJack Horseman

    The internet's best friends Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, and Alison Brie voice this tale of a foul-mouthed, washed-up television star named BoJack Horseman. Yes, he's a horse. A talking horse! But he's as far away from Mr. Ed as you are. He's got his own problems, and yeah, he wants to tell you about them. Binge all 12 episodes (plus a Christmas special!) in a row on Netflix.

  • The Simpsons

    The Simpsons

    The first family of animation has been dealing with the minutiae of life for 26 years now, and it's OK to admit that they've seen better days. But Simpsons purists can look forward to fall 2014 as a time of rebirth for Homer et al., as FXX has the rights to the full series (including the amazing early seasons), and their dedicated web hub Simpsons's World is up, running, and glorious. Rest up, you've got more than 500 episodes to get through.

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May 31

Golan The Insatiable

Series Premiere

Jun 20

Star Wars Rebels

Season Premiere

Jun 21

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season Premiere

Jul 17

BoJack Horseman

Season Premiere

Jul 26

Rick and Morty

Season Premiere

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