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  • The Venture Bros.

    The Venture Bros.

    Follow the adventures of the Hank and Dean in this parody of Jonny Quest for adults. This irreverent action comedy pulls no punches and is chock full of bizarre and hilarious characters, including a butterfly-themed super villain and a "cured" pedophile bodyguard.

  • Futurama


    Poor Futurama, resurrected only to be put to rest once again after the eighth season. Nevertheless, you're bound to enjoy the adventures of a pizza boy who wakes up in a future populated by aliens dreamed up by the creator of the Simpsons.

  • Adventure Time

    Adventure Time

    This Cartoon Network show has an avid audience of both kids and adults, and is centered on the off-beat adventures of twelve-year old Finn and his magical dog, Jake, as they battle evil, and protect Princess Bubblegum from the Ice King, in the Land of Ooo.

Cartoons Premieres and Finales

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Aug 18

Dora and Friends

Series Premiere

Aug 22

BoJack Horseman

Series Premiere

Aug 22

Avatar: Legend of Korra

Season Finale

Sep 28

The Simpsons

Season Premiere

Sep 28

Family Guy

Season Premiere

Oct 1

Star Wars Rebels

Series Premiere

Oct 5

Bob's Burgers

Season Premiere

Nov 5

Beware the Batman

Series Finale