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Featured Comedy

"Episode 1 (Part 1)"

Adults with problems (often sad) that lead to feelings (always hilarious).

Leah's Top Picks

  • Neil's Puppet Dreams

    Neil's Puppet Dreams

    Neil Patrick Harris sings, dances, and dreams of puppets.

  • Captain Planet

    Captain Planet

    This isn't your childhood's Captain Planet. Don Cheadle stars as the shiny environmental vigilante in this Funny or Die series.

  • Untitled Web Series...

    Blorgons beware! The in-no-way-affiliated-with-the-show-Community's Inspector Spacetime is finally here.

New Web TV Comedies

Drawn to it

  • Dick Figures Dick Figures
    Two dysfunctional friends make up for their lack of redeeming qualities with bad decisions.
  • The LeBrons The LeBrons
    You may hate him and his "Decision," but his characters can be rather funny.
  • Trailer Trash Trailer Trash
    A crude and disgusting animated series that calls to mind "South Park" in the best way possible.
  • Red vs. Blue Red vs. Blue
    Part parody, part tribute, RvB portrays the world of First Person Shooters in a clever and fun way.