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Season 3, Episode 7
"Restart of the King"

Here it is, the finale is finally here. After 3 epic seasons, countless utterances of "balls", and enough implied fairy sex to last a lifetime, Legend Of Neil is coming to an end.


Season 1, Episode 4

Michael works with his old agency to go after the people who burned him in a case that leads the group to Venezuela.


Season 1, Episode 9

Jason schedules hand job appointments via Craigslist.


Season 1, Episode 9
"The Kickstarter"

The Old People News anchors are riled up over a website that they don't really understand.


Season 1, Episode 3
"Episode Three"

Bro (David Cross) earns his keep as his super-annoying traits save the day.


Season 1, Episode 4

The hilariously hellish saga concludes when Guy, the Professor and that really cute chick who works at the ...


Season 1 Episode 4,
"UPS Guy"

The dreamy-ish UPS guy has the ladies all flustered. A rivalry erupts as the receptionists face off in a battle for true love.


Season 1, Episode 5

In this action-packed finale, will justice finally be served?


Season 1, Episode 8
"The Home Tour"

Jack takes voters on a trip down memory lane. It's a really, really bad trip.


Season 1, Episode 4

Matumbo has such a lucrative gig, it's no wonder other delinquents are trying to cash in on the deal.


Season 1, Episode 5
"Undercover Brotha From Anotha Mothaf***a"

In the extremely violent conclusion to M'Larky, M'Larky and Cubbs are hot on the tail of Toblerone.


Season 1, Episode 3
"Aurora Snow"

Adult film star Aurora Snow swings by the office to have some serious words with Munchie.


Season 1, Episode 6
"The Final Event"

The long-awaited Summer Scorcher is finally here.

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