Our music-video series in which 25 bands cover 25 songs in one small, round room in The A.V. Club office.

"Low covers Toto"

You may recognize three of the four people in today's session as Retribution Gospel Choir, one of A.V. Undercover's earliest participants and bravest re-interpreters of cheesy '80s hits. This time, as Low--which in its current incarnation is all of Retribution Gospel plus singer/drummer Mimi Parker--they've decided to tackle "Africa," the 1982 smash hit by Toto with the, umm, incredibly distinctive lyrics. (Worst offender: "I know that I must do what's right / sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti.") They tried to blame me for daring them to try it, but I think you'll agree that Low takes "Africa" and brings something special to it. And if you haven't seen the original video, you owe it to yourself, if only to see a bunch of bad haircuts playing on top of a stack of books. Low's latest album is C'mon, and you should check it out.