Our music-video series in which 25 bands cover 25 songs in one small, round room in The A.V. Club office.

"GWAR covers Kansas"

October 2, 2012
It's the final Undercover session ever in the little round room—we're moving down the street soon—and what better way to send us off than with a bone-shaking performance by those beloved scumdogs of the universe in GWAR. The final song is "Carry On Wayward Son," the big ol' 1976 smash hit by Kansas that still lives a healthy life on classic-rock radio today. It was one of the first songs to make this year's list, and we couldn't have dreamed that it would be performed by huge, angry aliens. (And you wouldn't believe the bands that were attached to cover it at one point or another throughout the year...) We were of course delighted that GWAR would not only grace us with their presence, but also choose the little round room as the public debut of new lead guitarist Pustulus Maximus. We are quite sure you'll enjoy this, and perhaps stop accusing us of only allowing puny indie bands into our office. GWAR tour dates are below, too. Oh, and we'll start the voting for your favorite of the year very soon...