Our music-video series in which 25 bands cover 25 songs in one small, round room in The A.V. Club office.

"Nada Surf covers New Order"

Nada Surf has had a spectacularly strange career. The band was launched into mainstream popularity in 1996 with a goofy radio hit, "Popular," that wasn't particularly representative of its sound. It took years for the group to earn its way into people's hearts, doing so with a series of fantastic, heartfelt pop records. The latest is The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy, though if you're interested in hearing Nada Surf play covers (beyond the one you just watched), there's also the 12-song If I Had A Hi-Fi, which features the band's takes on songs by The Go-Betweens, Depeche Mode, and others. Here, they add a bit of human beatboxing to New Order's gentle classic "Bizarre Love Triangle." Oh, and Nada Surf launches another U.S. tour in June; dates are below. (Oh, and yes, that's Doug Gillard of Guided By Voices, a touring member of Nada Surf.)