Watch a preview of the upcoming episode of  AGAINST THE WALL  episode 2 which airs Sunday August 7 at 10 pm/9c on Lifetime. Episode Synopsis: AGAINST THE WALL  Episode 2 – Abby Kowalski is a new detective  in the Chicago Police Internal Affairs Department. This job is extremely difficult for her, not only because her father and 3 brothers, who are all cops, are not speaking to her because they see her new position as a betrayal to them, but because her favourite brother Richie has just recently shot and killed a teenager on the job and is now being investigated by her department. She’s not allowed any involvement with her brother’s case, so she takes on another one where she has to help Chief Judee Carmen in Organized Crime find a mole in her unit. Finding this mole at this point is crucial because Judee Carmen is about to take down the extremely dangerous Nigerian Crime boss Dunsimi. Read More...

AGAINST THE WALL “Pilot” Episode 1

Watch a preview and check out photos of the premiere episode of  AGAINST THE WALL  which airs Sunday July 31 at 10 pm/9c on Lifetime. Show Summary: Rachael Carpani (“The Glades,” “NCIS: Los Angeles”), Treat Williams (“127 Hours,” “Everwood”) and Emmyr and Golden Glober Award winner Kathy Baker (“Picket Fences,” “Medium”) star in “Against the Wall,” the compelling, new one-hour drama premiering on Lifetime Television, Sunday, July 31, at 10pm et/9c. Read More...