'AHS: Hotel' sneak peek teases a pivotal scene for Max Greenfield

With the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel just one week away,a new sneak peek into the Cortez teases a pivotal scene between Max Greenfields Hollywood junkie Gabriel, and Wes Bentleys detective John Lowell. The teaser, which aired during Tuesdays Scream Queens , features...   Read More...

'American Horror Story: Hotel' 'Feels Like Season 1 in Many Ways'

Denis O'Hare says the new installment is going to be 'really scary,' adding that 'the theme is different' and 'the feeling on set is different.'   Read More...

Back On? Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Hang Out at Scream Queens Premiere -

Forget unmasking the Red Devil – the real mystery for Scream Queens viewers to solve is whether leading lady Emma Roberts is really back with her ex-fiancé Evan Peters . Though Roberts, 24, walked the red carpet at Monday night's premiere with her sister, she sat with Peters, 28, inside the screening, and the on-again, off-again couple seemed inseparable throughout the night. The former American Horror Story costars were the last to leave the party at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, and Peters goofily photobombed a picture Roberts took with a fan. Read more at .

Get your first behind-the-scenes look at 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

Weve been teased with creepy clips and inside scoop from the stars and creators, but now we finally have our first extended look at the set of American Horror Story: Hotel. A behind-the-scenes video released by FXreveals shots of the Hotel Cortez set: Kathy Bates and Wes Bentley at the...   Read More...

Get an Inside Look at American Horror Story: Hotel's "No Tell Motel"

American Horror Story: Hotel is going to be very bloody this year, according to Sarah Paulson. And we don't think she's just referring to Lady Gaga's The Countess drinking blood...   Read More...

American Horror Story: Hotel - You Have Me, You Hate Me

Alright. So these trailers for American Horror Story Season 5 are virtually impossible to understand, right? Lady Gaga's character, Elizabeth, looks like a piece of work! She's doing something to the children, a la the Countess who was on Salem earlier this year. She appears to be sucking the life force right from their tiny little veins. While dancing, no less. The song choice is interesting. The band is Rammstein and the lyrics, when translated, are up for debate. Either "you have me" or "you hate me." Some believe it's a play on words and a little of both, which would fit in really well with Elizabeth's character portrayal in this particular little musical number. You have me and you hate me. Get over it.   Read More...

Lady Gaga Is So Creepy and Amazing in This New American Horror Story: Hotel Teaser - E! Online

If this new American Horror Story: Hotel teaser featuring Lady Gaga as The Countess (not to be confused with Countess Luann de Lesseps) is any indication of what's ahead for this season, well, we're in for a freaking wild ride! The teaser, titled "Above & Below," features Gaga in all her American Horror Story glory. There are creepy children and creepy bald dudes, blood and more. Yeah, this is going to be crazy. Read the full article at E! Online .

'American Horror Story: Hotel' Releases Another Bizarre Teaser

The new video shows the hand of what looks like a junkie holding a key with a key hole on his/her arm.   Read More...

American Horror Story: New Hotel Promo Will Get In Your Veins

Ryan Murphy has already hinted that drugs and addiction will play a pivotal role in American Horror Story: Hotel, and now we have a graphic promo that brings that spoiler to painstaking life. In the exclusive clip above, we see the arm of a junkie is it Sarah Paulsons Hypodermic Sally or []

2015 Creative Arts Emmy Winners Revealed: GAME OF THRONES, AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW, TRANSPARENT, and More Win Big

The first Emmys have been handed out! Some of the big winners include Bradley Whitford, Joan Cusack, Margo Martindale, and Reg E. Cathey taking home guest actor/actress statues, Jane Lynch winning for HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT, and a whole lot of technical awards for GAME OF THRONES and AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Read on for the full []