"Lenny Kravitz"

June 16, 2011
Lenny Kravitz's newest album in three years, 'Black and White America,' goes back to his childhood and growing up bi-racial after the civil rights movement of the late '60s and early '70s. Reflecting the period's musical landscape, Kravitz hones in on the earthier side of his influences with jazzy bass lines, rave-up horn charts and some of the most impassioned vocal performances of his career. The day before he was set to guest star at a stadium show with U2, Kravitz stopped by AOL's Beverly Hills studios for a Sessions performance. After he and his world-class band rocked out songs from 'Black and White America' and his back catalog, Kravitz sat down for an on-camera interview where he talked about the new album, his fiercely independent attitude and where he gets his rock star confidence. "For me, race was never an issue. It really never was, I didn't even understand it. I knew that my parents looked different, but I never thought about it until society put it in my face."