"Florence and the Machine"

October 14, 2011
Florence Welch's voice is a true force of nature. Hearing it on a Florence and the Machine record is one thing, but being in the same room with her while she's belting out her hits almost makes you physically feel her vocals. And it's even more of a stark experience when she does it over acoustic instrumentation, like she did for a special Sessions taping at our New York studio. After her performance, which included tracks from her new album 'Ceremonials' as well as her 2009 debut 'Lungs,' we sat down with Welch to talk about recording at Abbey Road, the sophomore slump, her favorite cocktail and why she's nearly caused a few car accidents. "It's a funny thing [when you're drunk], you're not really thinking in a normal way, you know? You're not thinking literally, you're thinking laterally. Everything's coming in quite a strange way, and it was almost as if the song appeared from nowhere."