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Arrow Casts Echo Kellum as Mr. Terrific, Alexander Calvert as Anarky for Season 4

UPDATE 11:12 a.m. PST: Alexander Calvert has also joined the cast, playing DC comic book villain Anarky. ORIGINAL STORY: Arrow has found its Mr. Terrific. Echo Kellum has joined Season 4 of The CWs DC superhero drama in a recurring role as the DC comic book character Curtis Holt, TheWrap has learned. In this incarnation of the character, Holt will play an inventor who works at Palmer Technologies under Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards). At the panel for Arrow at the San Diego Comic Con, executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that this version of Mr. Teriffic will be gay.   Read More...

Stephen Amell Previews Very "Different" Arrow Season 4

We do something at the end of our first episode that we've never done on the show. You'll know it when you see it. So teases Stephen Amell in this exclusive interview with the actor from Comic-Con. Intrigued? That's not the only intriguing thing he said. Happy with Oliver's journey to find his identity in Arrow Season 3 , Amell says that was like a jumping off point for Arrow Season 4 . Of course, it's he could have to answer for some of his questionable choices, such as installing Malcolm Merlyn as the head of the League of Assassins and kidnapping his best friend's wife in the course of getting things done. Find out what else he had to say now!   Read More...

Arrow's Working Hard to Resurrect Constantine

Here we go: It sounds like the Constantine could live on post-cancellation on the CW. Arrow s working hard to make it happen, cementing themselves as the premiere home of live-action comic book characters on TV.   Read More...

Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards Hopes Felicity Stops Crying

Actor Emily Bett Rickards hopes her character won't be quite as mopey in this next season.   Read More...

David Ramsey Teases Diggle's New Season 4 Look

John Diggle will have a new look on Arrow Season 4 , David Ramsey tells us in this exclusive interview. Hes getting a concealment of some sort. It's about time, right? The man with a family needs a little extra protection while protecting others, especially as he ups his game as the de facto leader of the trio including Black Canary and Speedy while the Arrow is out of town. Ramsey has also done some thinking about Diggle's relationship with Oliver and the secrets his friend kept from him. They might need to have a little heart-to-heart for the bromance to fully blossom again, but he assures us it will get back to normal if (when) Oliver gets back to town.   Read More...

Arrow Cast & EP Preview 'Olicity' Road Trip, Premiere's Shocking Ending

Put it in your calendarsnow, Arrow fans:By 8:59/7:59c on Oct. 7, your world will be completely rocked. The CW series Season 4 premiere is one of those episodes where, [when] watching, youre gonna go, What?!?! star John Barrowman toldMichael Ausiello when the shows case stopped at TVLines Comic-Con interview suite at the Hard Rock Hotel. []

Suicide Squad Explained: All You Need to Know About Supervillain Team in Under 5 Minutes (Video)

Following the release of the Comic-Con trailer for Warner Bros. Suicide Squad, some fans were left scratching their heads, as the film contains a number of lesser-known DC Comics characters. For those hopingto boneup on the supervillain teams backstory, theres a helpful video guide that walks you through each character in the David Ayer-directed film in less than five minutes. For example, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) is the squads handler, responsible for choosing its members, as well as detonating microexplosives implanted in themshould they get out of hand.   Read More...

Arrow Season 4 Will Feature Someone We Havent Seen In AgesOliver Queen

Arrow has gotten pretty dark and insane the past couple years, with Olivers world being torn down again and again. But yesterday at Comic-Con, the cast and producers teased that Arrow season four will actually be brighter...and will feature magic.   Read More...

Arrow @ Comic-Con: Oliver Gets a Heroic New Look, Diggle (Finally) Suits Up, Anarky Reigns and More

The Arrow is getting a makeover. A new suit for the titular character was revealed at ArrowsComic-Con panel on Saturday night. Star Stephen Amell who came out in his new duds gave credit to Maya Mani, who has made every single suit on our show since the original Arrow costume, he said. She []

ARROW at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

ARROW is first up at DCs uber night of programming at Comic-Con, so follow along for a full live-blog of whats going down 8:27 PM: ARROW star Stephen Amell has come out in his costume, and he asks fans to come just a little bit further with the Green Arrow. 8:29 PM: Theyre showing a []