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Awkward (MTV) “Once Upon A Blog” Season 2 Episode 11

Awkward (MTV) “Once Upon A Blog” Season 2 Episode 11 airs on Thursday, September 13 at 10:30 p.m. on MTV. Synopsis:  Jenna fabricates some of her blog entries  to try to change her future. Read More...  

'Awkward's' Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern Break Down the Big Fight (Video)

The stars of MTV's high school comedy take THR behind the scenes of last week's brouhaha and previews the Team Matty vs. Team Jake debate going public.

Awkward (MTV) “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me” Season 2 Episode 10

Awkward (MTV) “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me” Season 2 Episode 10 airs on Thursday, August 30 at 10:30 p.m. on MTV. Synopsis:  Jenna learns  that her now-public blog has garnered the attention of the popularity-defining Julies. Read More...  

'Awkward' Star Nikki DeLoach Talks About the Shocking Letter and What's in Store for Lacey

Life has been a little bit Awkward for Lacey Hamilton this season on MTV's hit teen drama. After it was discovered Lacey wrote the "carefrontation" letter, husband Kevin left and things have been chilly with daughter Jenna. Then there's the old flame who recently made a new appearance at her best friend's wedding. This has made for a rough road for Lacey, but a great emotional arc for talented actress Nikki DeLoach. BuddyTV was lucky enough to speak with DeLoach about writing the infamous letter to Jenna and what's next for Lacey in season two.

'Awkward' Showrunner Offers 10 Teases for the End of Season 2

Lauren Iungerich previews Jenna's decision, Lacey and Kevin's back story and karma for Sadie as the sophomore season heads into its home stretch.

'Awkward's' absentee dad Mike Faiola: 'Without him things could spin off out of control'

Zap2it: How do you describe your "Awkward" character, Kevin?Mike Faiola: He is calm, cool and collected under fire and probably learned that after 16 years of living with two highly strung females who both gravitate toward drama. He was a very young father, probably involved in a family business. I think he works with his father in textiles. I think he is integral to the show because without him things could spin off out of control.Zap2it: Do you interact with teens apart from the show?Mike Faiola: I work with teens quite a bit. I work for L.A. Youth Network, which houses and helps homeless youth in Hollywood, and I had taught a playwriting program to help students learn English. I knew Lauren's (creator Lauren Lungerich) voice would strike a chord because teenagers know when they are being b****y, and this takes their emotions and treats them with delicacy and respect. It is about time. There...

'Awkward': Nikki DeLoach Teases Jenna's Ultimate Choice and Fate of Lacey's Marriage

The actress reveals to THR that the next two episodes will be significant for fans of the Jenna-Matty-Jake triangle: "Even though Jenna makes a choice, it doesn't mean that all is resolved."

Awkward (MTV) “Homewrecker Hamilton” Season 2 Episode 9

Awkward (MTV) “Homewrecker Hamilton” Season 2 Episode 9  airs on Thursday, August 23 at 10:30 p.m. on MTV. Synopsis:  An unexpected text brings Jenna’s love drama into the spotlight. Read More...  

Awkward Exclusive: Nikki Deloach on Redemption, Reveals and Letter Writing

Nikki Deloach portrays everyone's favorite Awkward mother, Lacey. In our exclusive interview, the actress spoke on Lacey’s relationship with Jenna and Kevin; the emotional arc for her character on Awkward Season 2 ; which team she cheers on; and she offered a few hints about what’s to come…

Molly Tarlov Embraces The 'Awkward'

It's Thursday again, and you know what that means: things are about to get " Awkward "-er. Our favorite love triangle (not involving a werewolf and/or vampire) shows no signs of abating, and Jenna isn't the only one caught in romance's web. So too is her arch nemesis Sadie. To celebrate another episode of her MTV series (and perhaps her new-found sexiness with Ricky), Sadie's real-life alter ego, Molly Tarlov, donned a particularly fitting piece of wardrobe: