Being Human's Supernatural Roomies Return

Syfy's addictive remake of the British hit Being Human returns for Season 2 tonight and things have gotten even trickier for the paranormal roomies now that big bad Bishop has been beheaded. "It gets dark fast ," says Sam Witwer , whose 200-hundred-year-old vampire, Aidan, finds himself struggling to keep Boston's bloodsucking community under control without a leader, along with some of his own uglier instincts. "He's completely ...

Being Human (SyFy) “Turn This Mother Out” Season 2 Episode 1

Being Human  (SyFy) “Turn This Mother Out” Season 2 Episode 1  airs Monday, January 16 on Syfy (9-10 p.m. ET) on Syfy. Episode Synopsis : A vampire  power vacuum weighs on Aidan, Sally’s powers grow stronger, and Josh and Nora try to live “normal” lives. Read More...