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Elementary Video: Sherlock Confronts His Dad About His Extended Visit

Is it time for Papa Holmes to hit the road? On Thursdays Elementary (CBS, 10/9c), Sherlock wants to know why his father Morland is still in New York. After all, as the P.I. points out in TVLines exclusive video above, hes already accepted dads help, so theres no need for him to continue to stay []

Lucy Liu and John Noble Go Toe-to-Toe in Icy Elementary Sneak PeekCan Morland Holmes Be Trusted?

Daddy's in town after Sherlock's relapse, but the good detective and Watson don't seem too pleased by the visit. E! News has obtained an exclusive Elementary sneak peek of the first...   Read More...

Elementary: Joan Will Investigate Sherlock's Dad

  Good luck hiding your secrets from Joan Watson. Now that Sherlock's dad Morland Holmes ( John Noble ) has arrived on Elementary , it's time he met his son's partner Joan ( Lucy Liu ), whom he owes a great debt to as Sherlock's former sober companion. "He could not have predicted that it would turn into ...   Read More....

Everything You Need to Know about the Premiere of 'Elementary' Season 4

While CBS is filled with procedural shows, one of the most distinctive of them is Elementary . While it began as a modern take on the Sherlock Holmes story, it's evolved into a series that nicely balances crime-solving with an examination of what it means to be a high-functioning addict. As season four kicks off, it begins with the appearance of Sherlock's mysterious father. So what should fans be watching for this season? Here are some of the highlights.   Read More...

Elementary Sneak Peek: Sherlock Is Still In Contact With [Spoiler]!

Turns out a pen pal is forever on Elementary even if she did try to destroy your life. In TVLines exclusive video from Thursdays Season 4 premiere (CBS, 10/9c), Sherlock imagines a life behind bars for himself after his brutal beating of Oscar, and tells Watson that they can exchange letters just as he []

'Elementary' First Look: Papa Holmes pays Sherlock a visit

Talk about daddy issues! In the wake of Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) falling off the wagon in the Elementary finale, his father Morland Holmes (John Noble) will venture to New York though he may come with an ulterior motive. Obviously something has happened in the past, which is quite...   Read More...

John Noble teases upcoming 'Elementary' turn as Sherlock's 'strange' dad

One exciting thing about Sherlocks estranged father Morland entering season 4 of Elementary ? It means the delightful John Noble is back on TV. And the English actor couldnt be more excited. Such an interesting character to come on [to], having been built up over three seasons, Noble...   Read More...

'Elementary' trailer: Get a first look at season 4

Talk about daddy issues! With Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) facing potential charges and sidelined by the NYPD in the wake of the Elementary finale, he and Watson (Lucy Liu) are now on the hunt for other work. But Sherlocks father Morland Holmes (John Noble) shows up to throw a wrench in...   Read More...

Mega Buzz: Elementary Returns with Sherlock's Calculating Dad and a Familiar Villain

  Just what Sherlock needed after his relapse: to come face-to-face with his daddy issues. When Elementary returns this fall, Sherlock ( Jonny Lee Miller ) will be dealing with the aftermath of his relapse in last season's finale. One of the consequences? His father Morland Holmes, played by John Noble , is ...   Read More...

Elementary Casts Shohreh Aghdashloo as Papa Holmes' Associate

Shohreh Aghdashloo is about to do business with Sherlock Holmes infamous father. The Grimm and 24 alumna will guest-star on Season 4 of Elementary, TVLine has learned exclusively. Aghdashloo appears in Episode 3 as Donya Esfandiari, a glamorous international hotelier whos in negotiations with Sherlocks dad, Morland (new series regular John Noble), a consultant on []