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Central Perk Opening in NYC for Friends' 20th Anniversary

  Could we be any happier? A Central Perk pop-up shop is opening in NYC to celebrate the 20thanniversary of the Friends premiere. Fans will be able to enjoy free cups ofEight O' Clockcoffee, including a limited-edition Central Perk roast, in a fully functional replica of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe's favorite hangout.   Read More...

'Friends' Alum David Schwimmer to Star in ABC Comedy 'Irreversible'

He'll also serve as a producer on the comedy based on the Israeli series "Bilti Hafich" alongside EP Peter Tolan.    

SideReel's Guide to Travel (Television)

The dead of winter is a tough time! The post-holiday glow has turned into a monthlong hangover, you don't want to use up your vacation time yet, and it's too cold to do much of anything except hide under a blanket. But fret not, SideReelers! We've put together a list of our favorite travel-themed episodes just for you. So go ahead; substitute the warmth of your television for the warmth of the sun, and hide away until spring.     An Idiot Abroad  S2E7: Mount Fuji Karl Pilkington (the ornery producer of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's radio series) was sent around the world—three times—on  An Idiot Abroad . He hated every minute of it. But out of his irritation and confusion often came somewhat profound statements. HIs trip to Japan's Mount Fuji allows for quite a bit of demented-yet-beautiful introspection. Upon reaching the summit, he utters in wonderment what so many have probably thought about accomplishing any great feat: "I've done it, haven't I? Completed it. But I feel like shit, even though... that's amazing... I feel like shite."   Friends  S4E23: The One With Ross's Wedding Travel episodes are designed to take well-known characters out of their comfort zones—something that's especially necessary when we only really see them on three or four sets.  Friends  did a number of travel episodes for this very reason, but this two-parter, set in London for (one of) Ross's (many) wedding(s) upped the ante for everyone (Monica and Chandler have sex! Rachel crashes the ceremony! Phoebe's stuck at home and super pregnant!), while also offering a delightful montage of all things British (set to the iconic "London Calling" ) as well as appearances by billionaire Richard Branson, the Duchess of York, and a pre- House Hugh Laurie.   Modern Family  S1E23: Hawaii Pity the Pritchetts, pretty please. Phil and Claire might live a charmed life now, but they never did get their perfect wedding or honeymoon. Phil (hapless though he is) wants to change that on their family trip to Hawaii. Anyway, the rationale is really beside the point, as what this episode does is show us what a vacation at a luxe Hawaiian resort is like. Spoiler alert: It's really nice. Sure, Haley flirts with boys and gets drunk and Cam and Mitchell lose Lily, but those are just hijinx. In the end, it's hard not to be squarely focused on those vistas and infinity pools. Hmm, how much is a flight to Hawaii anyway?   Parks and Recreation  S5E1: Ms. Knope Goes to Washington Leslie Knope's perky enthusiasm for everything government couldn't possibly have a better showcase than this episode which finds her and office dullard Andy visiting Washington D.C. to visit their respective paramours, Ben and April. And you know what? D.C. benefits from their earnestly happy mid-westernness, especially in contrast to its usual televised portrayal as a dark hellhole teeming with evil. Cameos by actual lawmakers (Senators Boxer, Snowe, and McCain) give the impression that it's just that easy to bump into the powers that be when in the nation's capital, but let's be honest: It'd be way more exciting to meet Knope.   Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations  S1E2: Iceland Only masochists (and your editor) vacation in Iceland in the winter. It's pitch-black for all but four hours per day, and there isn't much to do but eat, drink, and sit in the hotsprings. Actually, I'm totally unclear as to how that's not an ideal vacation. Anthony Bourdain would seem to agree with me, it seems. In this second episode of his landmark Travel Channel series, the man enjoys all the hospitality of this tiny Viking nation, and delves into its particular delicacies—including Hákarl , Iceland's famous fermented shark.     It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia  S5E2: The Gang Hits the Road The most difficult part of traveling is, well, the traveling aspect. Once you get where you're going it's bliss—or at least it should be. The Gang being The Gang, though, they never actually make it to their destination. They get sidetracked by the requirements of Dee's bladder, the wonders of Philadelphia's Italian Market (where Charlie tries a pear for the first time and is... underwhelmed to say the least), and the fact that they're all just too damn lazy to do the work of driving. But why leave Philadelphia anyway? At least that's what I keep asking myself.   Bones  S9E7: The Nazi on the Honeymoon There's nothing more singularly irritating on a vacation than a workaholic. Unless that workaholic is Temperance Brennan and the vacation is her long-awaited honeymoon with new husband Seeley Booth. Why see the sights of the Paris of South America (or Buenos Aires, Argentina, as it's formally known) when you can go to the city morgue and get involved in Nazi hunting? I mean, that's the most romantic getaway I can think of. Besides, how many beaches can you sit on before you yearn to be reunited with your bonesaw?   The Simpsons  S7E20: Bart on the Road "The Simpsons are going to [place name]," is a timeworn plot device on this past-its-prime series, but this Bart-centric episode from the seventh season will never cease to be gut-bustingly funny. Through a convoluted series of events, Bart, Millhouse, Nelson, and Martin end up with a rented car, and decide to travel to Knoxville, Tennessee to see the Sunsphere —which turns out to be a decrepit tower filled with wigs. I'd say something about the destruction of the Sunsphere being a metaphor for what happened to this once-great series, but you know what? Let's just bask in the glory of its heyday.   Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of She once traveled to Sweden in February. You can follow her musings on  Twitter .

SideReel Picks the Worst TV Robots of All Time

I'm a big fan of science fiction (my poor family can attest to the truth of this statement) and was one of the few who watched Fringe all the way to its bitter, fairly nonsensical end. But I have faith in the genre and in the abilities of J.J. Abrams — a sci-fi fan's sci-fi fan, if there ever was — so I was pretty excited to check out Almost Human . Sure, it's a pastiche of every robotic police movie/show ever, but it's fun, and it's got great visuals (which, OK, are heavily borrowed from the brilliant film  Blade Runner ). So in honor of Almost Human's (so far) great* robot cop, Dorian, here's a list of the worst robots ever to grace your living room. * As of this writing, two episodes have aired. It's very possible the show will suck. I'm not blessed with the power of foresight. I don't even know what I'm having for dinner tonight.   Challenge of the GoBots:  GoBots Any TV show that exists solely to sell merchandise is an irritant in my book, but GoBots , the sad bastard step-sibling of Transformers , is an especially egregious example. The GoBots aren't even half as cool as Transformers! And no one's made a GoBots movie, have they? Let alone the 108 movies that Transformers seems to have made. And if there were a GoBots movie, it would probably star Emile Hirsch, the poor man's Shia Laboeuf.     Small Wonder:  Vicki Robot engineer Ted Lawson creates a creepy-ass child robot whose name (Vicki) stems from her model ID ( V oice I nput C hild I denticant). Normal so far, I guess? Except that Ted tries to pass her off as human and sends her to school, where apparently no one ever seems to realize she TALKS LIKE A ROBOT and always looks exactly the same (at least until the actress herself started to age). Ugh, I bet she was a curve buster, too. Thanks for ruining the college hopes and dreams of your classmates, Vicki.   Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  Buffybot Buffybot was designed as a sexbot for Spike and was so convincing, she managed to convince real Buffy's friends that Buffy was depressed and acting out (something I hope a sexbot designed after me would do as well). Later she's used to better ends, but in a show that routinely pushed the boundaries of the suspension of disbelief, this was just a microchip too far.     Star Trek: The Next Generation:  Lore What was the point of Lore? He's basically just evil Data, and it's unclear why their creator Dr. Soong would have designed him in the first place. How is it possible that the final step before "perfect android" is "evil android"? And why didn't he dress better? Or wear a mustache? Why couldn't he be an evil genius as opposed to just a weird, petty android? Hate on Wesley all you want, but he was way more interesting than Lore.     Friends:  C.H.E.E.S.E. We get it: Joey is a bad actor and ends up in terrible projects! The backronymned C.H.E.E.S.E. ( C omputerized H umanoid E lectronically E nhanced S ecret E nforcer) is supposed to be the exemplar of a terrible network show that might cast Joey, but come on! At the time this episode aired (2000), no network would put this on TV. The time of Small Wonder was long past, and the concept of C.H.E.E.S.E. is just a meta-insult to the intelligence of Friends fans.   Futurama:  Flexo I appreciate that Futurama was willing to turn sci-fi convention on its head and say that a doppelgänger with a goatee whom everyone declares to be "evil" might actually be the good one of the two, but he's just so boring. I know, I know, that's the point, but he kept popping back up and being his same boring self, never getting frustrated, always there with a pat on the back or heartily chuckling at a joke — but there's a reason we love real Bender (aka the real evil Bender) and that's that he's insane, awful, and hilarious. "Evil" Bender never stood a chance.   Battlestar Galactica:  The Cylons The frustrating thing about the Cylons was that early in the series they really were terrifying. They were indistinguishable from us except for the fact that they were better in almost every way — AND nearly succeeded in destroying all of humanity. And then after a few seasons they were… vaguely mean kind of? Except for the ones who were good? Maybe we were supposed to root for them? Maybe they held the key to everything? Who knows! In trying to be all things to the series, they became nothing worth watching, and that was truly a shame.   Family Matters:  Urkelbot Let the GIF at the left do the explaining.                   Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of She's seen things you people wouldn't believe . You can follow her musings on  Twitter .

All 10 Thanksgiving Episodes of Friends, Ranked in Order of Ascending Awesomeness

I’ll admit it – I often compare my own holiday celebrations to Friends’ annual Thanksgiving episodes… and I know I’m not alone. Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, Ross and Monica – who else would be there for you when your turkey gets burned, Underdog escapes from its parade route, or someone brings a dog to dinner when you secretly hate dogs?! We might not be able to bring Friends back from the dead (and let’s face it – that’s probably a good thing), but we all  can still relive the magic of ten holiday-themed episodes done right. What am I thankful for? Turkey, family, and Friends reruns. Oh, and my real friends, too. I guess. Feeling nostalgic? I’ve ranked all 10 Thanksgiving-themed Friends episodes, counting down to my #1 favorite, for your marathoning pleasure:       10. The One with the Late Thanksgiving   Season 10, Episode 8 Unlike previous Friends Thanksgiving disasters, the FINAL turkey-themed episode of the series was just plain stressful. On the bright side, after one mess leads to another, Monica and Chandler find out that they’re going to get a baby! Spoiler alert?       9. The One with The List Season 2, Episode 8 Also casually known as The One Where Ross Acts Like a Colossal Idiot. Who makes a pros & cons list about his girlfriends?! A colossal idiot, that’s who. Also, mockolate!         8. The One Where Underdog Gets Away Season 1, Episode 9 We’ll cut them some slack for this one, as it was the first ever Friends Thanksgiving. Plus, Joey made a pretty great VD spokesperson.         7. The One with Rachel’s Other Sister Season 9, Episode 8 Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without a totally ungrateful, miserable, selfish sister dropping by to shake things up. Here’s to hoping that Rachel’s sister Amy never gets the chance to “inherit” poor, innocent Emmitt. I mean... Emma.         6. The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs Season 7, Episode 8 Rachel’s sexy new assistant Tag shows up for Thanksgiving dinner. REMEMBER TAG? Tag was totally hot. Plus, Joey explains the definition of a "moo point."         5. The One with Chandler in a Box Season 4, Episode 8 In an admirable display of self-sacrifice and loyalty, Chandler agrees to spend his Thanksgiving in a shipping crate as punishment for kissing Joey’s girlfriend, Kathy. KATHY AND CHANDLER WERE SO MEANT TO BE, THOUGH!         4. The One Where Ross Got High Season 6, Episode 9 To this day, I’m still convinced that ground beef is an acceptable layer for a traditional dessert trifle. What’s not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good! Meat? GOOOOOOD!         3. The One With All The Thanksgivings Season 5, Episode 8 After a series of flashbacks, we finally find out why Chandler hates Thanksgiving ( More turkey, Mr Chandler? ). Plus, Monica dancing with a raw turkey on her head was equal parts horrifying and hilarious.         2. The One With With the Football Season 3, Episode 9 Isn’t this what Thanksgiving is all about? Food, football, and cutthroat sibling rivalry? The Gellers are in fine form in this episode, with a series of hilarious brother-sister moments that are topped only their epic New Year’s Eve dance routine from season 6.         1. The One With The Rumor Season 8, Episode 9 Brad Pitt guest stars as the reigning president of the I Hate Rachel club. And on the other side of the table, Joey single-handedly downs a 19-pound turkey, solo.       Don’t agree with my rankings? Let the SideReel Editors know your own favorite Friends-giving highlights in the comments below!     Alex Gambardella  is a member of the editorial and video teams for When she's not busy watching trashy reality TV, she works on perfecting the recipes passed down to her by her French grandmother, Nestlé   Toll House, whilst marathoning old episodes of Friends.

SideReel Gives Thanks for Thanksgiving Episodes

There’s an embarrassment of riches at Thanksgiving — on your television as well as on your plate! Let's get real: Thanksgiving meals are AMAZING, but there comes a point where you just can't eat anymore without severe pain, and you lose the ability to do much of anything but lay on the couch, rubbing your stomach, and praying for the ability to house your internal organs somewhere on the outside of your body. But there's another way! "How?!" — You. It's easy! Keep your mind occupied with some of the greatest Thanksgiving-themed television episodes ever to air! Laugh (or cry) out some of that indigestion. After all, why learn a lesson about overeating when you don't have to?   Seinfeld  S6E8: The Mom & Pop Store To paraphrase the dearly missed Stefon, this episode has it ALL — which, for a show about nothing, is somewhat amusing. George buys a car that may or may not have belonged to Jon Voight, Kramer gets some elderly shopkeepers in trouble, Elaine's romantic life is impeded by Mr. Pitt's whims, and Jerry agonizes over whether he was invited to a Thanksgiving party hosted by one Tim Whatley, DDS (played by Breaking Bad 's Bryan Cranston). Perhaps no other show has so fully captured the feeling of obligation that comes with what is ostensibly one of our most beloved holidays.   King of the Hill  S4E7: The Hank's Giving Episode I'm an unabashed, unapologetic King of the Hill fanatic, but I suspect that even if I weren't, I'd still be charmed by the mix of cynicism and earnestness in this episode. Traveling for this most American of holidays is generally a nightmare, but getting delayed due to weather (which is perfect at your destination) is heartbreaking. Getting your perfectly-smoked turkey blown up on the tarmac because it's a suspected bomb is... what's beyond heartbreaking? Heartdisolving? No, the Hills never make it to Montana, but they do spend a night at an airport foodcourt with their closest friends... and the Souphanousinphones.   WKRP in Cincinnati  S1E7: Turkeys Away "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." This is the episode that saved this quirky 70s sitcom from cancellation, and quite frankly, set the standard by which all sitcoms' Thanksgiving episodes should be judged. Premise: WKRP's hapless management devises a fantastic publicity stunt: a free turkey giveaway! Except, uh, these turkeys are alive, and the delivery method is a real... high wire act. Dropping birds out of an airplane? What could go wrong?     Grey's Anatomy  S2E9: Thanks for the Memories Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy gave its characters some much-needed breathing room after the frenetic rocket launch that was its debut. That being said, it wasn't until 9 episodes in and this Thanksgiving-centered episode that we truly saw the characters solidifying into the multi-dimensional people we came to love, hate, and mourn. Notably, Izzy's obsessive streak is fully revealed for the first time, and we're given a glimpse into George's very un-Georgelike family of hunting nuts.     Gilmore Girls  S3E9: A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving Expectations of attendance at four different Thanksgiving celebrations actually sounds like the perfect thing for those speed-talking, junk food-loving titular girls, and yet, as it happens, not so much ! After some endearing machinations, the most popular girls in Stars Hollow please everyone — and one even gets a kiss! And that little girl who got kissed is now engaged to the guy who plays Pete Campbell.       ER  S6E8: Great Expectations There was a time, children, that ER was a very big deal, and during that long-ago era, Juliana Margulies' Nurse Carol Hathaway (and her romance with George Clooney's Dr. Doug Ross) was the heart of the show (which is ironic, because she was supposed to have committed suicide in the pilot). And it is in this very special Thanksgiving episode that she gives birth to the Hathaway-Ross twins, Tess and Kate — and also brings into the show Maura Tierney's Abby Lockhart, who would eventually fill the gap created by Margulies' exit from the show. Oh, children, it was truly an age of wonder.   Friends  S1E9: The One Where Underdog Gets Away Despite my documented dislike of Friends , I have to give it the recognition it deserves: it really did produce excellent Thanksgiving episodes. This is the one that started it all, with the twin amusements of Joey as the face of an anti-STD campaign, and Chandler's plan to boycott the holiday (for reasons that would continue to be explored years into the show's run). But the episode's centerpiece, namely the escape of the Underdog balloon from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, that sets the plot — and the show's winning streak — into motion.     A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving  Special No, it's not an "episode" per se, but not including it on this list would be an act of television critic sacrilege for which I'm unprepared. Since its premiere in 1973, this heartwarming Peanuts special has aired every single year. It features Snoopy in a Pilgrim costume and opens with Charlie Brown still unable to kick that elusive football down the field. Right, like I really need to tell you what happens here.         Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of She will eat Stove Top Stuffing over the sink right out of the pot she loves it so much. You can follow her musings on  Twitter .

SideReel Isn't Afraid of the Dark

Television is an incredibly effective ghostbuster (except where  Poltergeist  is concerned)! Halloween can be a scary time, what with ghouls, maniacally grinning pumpkins, and roving bands of little kids. (Yes, that's right, kids can be creepy.) But there is a surefire way to banish dread into the shadows — and that way is to watch comedies! True, Halloween episodes have a less illustrious history than those for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but all the cool kids/shows are doing them now, and it's always enjoyable to see funny people in dumb outfits. So take a break from chowing down on candy corn and have a laugh or eight while waiting for that Sassy Rick Grimes costume to arrive.   Home Movies  S3E13: Coffins and Cradles This sardonic cartoon never really got its due (even on its second home of Adult Swim, whose offerings are increasingly stoner bait), but it was the most meta comedy in existence prior to the launch of  Community . The Halloween edition, however, ditched the high concept in favor of accessibility. That doesn't mean it's stupid or unfunny (it is, in fact, the complete opposite of those things), but it manages to cram cults, identical costumes, heart attacks, and births into 22 minutes, and never once feels rushed.   Friends  S8E6: The One With The Halloween Party Also known as the one with the worst costume in the world, namely Ross's attempt at a visual pun in Spud-nik (Half-potato. Half-satellite. All terror.). Concept: Chandler and Monica throw a party and all of the titular friends show up and have inoffensive and adorably funny concerns and arguments... it's a whole thing. I'll admit that this one is an office favorite, and not necessarily a personal pick, but it's enjoyable in the same way that all  Friends  episodes are. So there you have it.    The Office  S8E5: Spooked Holiday episodes of  The Office  were always series highlights, maybe because in a show that so often took its characters out of their comfort zones for no real reason, theme parties (Christmas, Halloween, birthdays) put them in  identifiably  awkward scenarios — after all, everyone who has ever been a corporate citizen can identify with the stilted interaction prompted by executive decree. Regrettably, "Spooked" takes place during James Spader's odd 15-episode run, but it's saved by the plight of Dwight, who must surrender parts of his costume in the name of office safety.   Community  S2E6: Epidemiology The paintball episode might have been the first time that we see Dean Pelton as having no real plan (he just wants to be a good dean!), but this is the episode that truly solidifies that trait. Greendale's Halloween party is pure Pelton: non-stop ABBA; rancid Army-surplus meat (with zombifying properties); and the willingness to lock all of the students inside at the request of men in uniform. So no, the Dean might not have a plan, but Harmon surely did, setting "Epidemiology" up as the start of the long game of Shirley's pregnancy, Jeff and Britta's secret sex, and Annie's infatuation with Rich.   NewsRadio  S3E5: Halloween Another show that deserved more praise and credit than it ever got was  NewsRadio , a powerhouse comedy from the mid-90s NBC hit machine. After being disinvited from the company Halloween party for being "too cool for school," the WNYX crew acquiesces to dressing up with eyes collectively rolling the whole time. Dave Foley gets back into drag in a callback to his time on  The Kids in the Hall , while, in an unintentionally tragic scene, Bill (Phil Hartman) is given an early date with death by a psychic. It's truly uncomfortable and sad in retrospect, but take my advice: ignore the pathos and join the cool kids radio club.   The Simpsons  S6E6: Treehouse of Horror V And so we come to the grande dame of Halloween specials.  The Simpsons  started doing its Treehouse of Horror episodes in its second year and its first entry was strong right out of the gate. While each year has had its own particular strengths (1996's highlight, a Clinton/Dole-inspired vignette, still gets widely quoted every election cycle), this fifth edition is the most emblematic of the series between Homer's time travel travails, a terrific parody of  The Shining ,  and the underrated closer, "Nightmare Cafeteria."    How I Met Your Mother  S1E6: Slutty Pumpkin More than any other season 1 episode up to this point, "Slutty Pumpkin" crystalized the  How I Met Your Mother  gang's individual characters. Ted spends his time pining for a woman he barely knew (the titular Slutty Pumpkin), Barney shows him the error of his ways in the meanest way possible, while Marshall and Lily try overzealously to combat Robin's fear of commitment. But despite showing all of their worst traits, the episode is light and sweet, like Halloween candy.     Curb Your Enthusiasm  S2E3: Trick or Treat Look, Larry David's awkward-a-thon of a series is not everyone's cup of tea, but it is  my  cup of tea and I identify with it totally and completely, so it should come as no surprise that I've got LD's back on this one. Why should he have to give candy to sarcastic teenage trick-or-treaters who won't even dress up? And why should they be allowed to spraypaint "BALD ASSHOLE" on his house? Sure, he might be a bald asshole, but not for the reasons they indicate!     Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of She went as  Star Trek  characters for Halloween decades before it was cool. You can follow her musings on  Twitter .

SideReel's Favorite Bromances

Show of the Week: Star Trek the Next Generation Somewhere between William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, we ended up with a classically trained British actor named Sir Patrick Stewart playing one Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Star Trek: The Next Generation was not without its detractors at first, (and the first two seasons are admittedly terrible), but in the decades since its original run, it's become one of the most beloved tent-poles of a major science fiction franchise. With a chillier, more distinctly philosophical aesthetic than its predecessor, ST:TNG's seven seasons are a hardcore TV binge-er's dream -- and let's face it, the inclusion of Jonathan Frakes' Commander Riker makes the experience easy on the eyes -- but the casual viewer should probably take our advice and start with season three. Check it out » Bromances Star Trek: The Next Generation S2E3: Elementary, Dear Data   STTNG also got us thinking about that very special brand of male bonding: bromances. One of the most lovable bromances on that show was the one between Data and Geordi, exemplified quite well in the season two episode "Elementary, My Dear Data" . Data as Sherlock? Well, that's just logical!     Sherlock S2E3: The Great Game Speaking of Sherlock and Watson, that classic bromance has been updated in a fantastic British series called, simply, Sherlock , with Sherlock played as a slightly Asperger-esque sleuth by Benedict Cumberbatch. His partner in crime (solving), Watson, is played by the always-amusing Martin Freeman, and their unique relationship is on full display in the episode "The Great Game."     Seinfeld S9E1: The Butter Shave Moving on to a slightly less serious--though no less mysterious--bromance, we've got Jerry and George in Seinfeld . While their bromance could also seem, at times, to be more of a "frenemy" situation, it's hard to deny they were pretty much joined at the hip, particularly in the ninth season episode "The Butter Shave," when they both decide to "take a vacation from themselves" by growing mustaches together.   Space Ghost Coast to Coast S2E3: Girlie Show In more animated relationships, we have the talk show host Space Ghost, and his musical sidekick, Zorak, on the animated series Space Ghost Coast to Coast . Space Ghost and Zorak come very, very close to admitting their love for each other in this episode, although ultimately, there's more love tossed at guest Fran Dresher than there is at each other.   Scrubs S6E6: My Musical The hospital comedy Scrubs simply couldn't exist without the long-standing friendship between central characters J.D. and Turk. Their bromance was so intense, they had to sing about in a song entitled "Guy Love" in the musical episode called, appropriately, "My Musical." To quote, "It's guy love/between two guys!"   Wiflred S2E2: Letting Go We're not entirely sure if the friendship between a guy and an imaginary man in a dog suit qualifies as "bromance" or simply "insanity," but really, isn't that the dilemma at the heart of the dark comedy Wilfred ? And that friendship was put to its ultimately test in the season two episode "Letting Go," in which they contemplate going their separate ways. (Spoiler alert: The show is till on the air. You can guess what decision they came to.)   New Girl S2E18: TinFinity While New Girl may be centered on a girl, namely, Zooey Deschanel's Jess, the real fun is found in the friendships between her male roommates, particularly the one between Schmidt and Nick, friends since college. Schmidt finds their bromance so important, in fact, that he celebrates its 10-year-anniversary with a party in the episode "TinFinity." But things don't go too smoothly when a famous football player enters the picture...   Friends S1E12: The One With the Dozen Lasagnas. Which brings us to one of the most beloved bromances in modern sitcom history, the undying love between Joey and Chandler on Friends . They were the perfect yin and yang: Joey had the lady swagger Chandler was lacking, and Chandler had the smarts lovable-but-dumb Joey would never attain. Just watch them problem-solve replacing a broken table while eating lasagna in the episode "The One With the Dozen Lasagnas" : that's love, friends. Tell us what you think of our picks, SideReelers! Did your favorite bromances make the cut? Let us know in the comments!

Lisa Kudrow: A 'Friends' reunion is 'really not happening'

In the nine years since "Friends" finished its run on NBC, the hit comedy has been plagued by rumors of a reunion -- none of which have ever been substantiated. The most recent chatter arose in April 2013, when a seemingly-official photo touting "Friends: The One with the Reunion" began circulating with a proposed date of Thanksgiving 2014. Warner Bros. TV, which produced the show, quickly squashed the rumors and now one of the stars of the show is affirming that a reunion will not ever happen.While promoting the Season 3 premiere of her new show "Web Therapy," Lisa Kudrow spoke with CNN, telling the news organization that, while there have never been plans for a movie, the teaser even threw her for a loop. "Well, I knew there wasn't ever a movie. There was never a 'Friends' movie. Ever," Kudrow says. "So I've always known it's not happening. But with this last rumor someone...

'Friends' to Premiere June 14 on TVLand

OH. MY. GOD. On June 14th, TV Land will be there for you – with “Friends”! Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel come to TV Land. Read More...