Colin Jost thinks Larry David's 'SNL' impression has helped Bernie Sanders

It was a meeting of Weekend Updatehosts when Colin Jost stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday night. Jost, of course, was still in the midst of preparations for this weeks episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Larry David. David, of course, was once an...   Read More...

Seth Meyers on the Most Ominous Thing Donald Trump Said After His Iowa Loss

  Late-night politico Seth Meyers moderated a panel at the American Magazine Media Conference on Tuesday with a group of journalists and editors includingGayle King, Nancy Gibbs, Michael Kinsley, and New York 's Jonathan Chait. It was the day after the Iowa caucuses, where Donald Trump lost to Ted Cruz despite leading in the polls, which naturally gave Meyers the opportunity to opine on what the voters were thinking. "My theory with Trump and the polls was that telling a pollster you were voting for Donald Trump was a very cathartic thing to do. Its a little bit like having a few drinks at the bar and telling your friends next to you, 'The next time my boss tells me to work weekends, Im going to tell him to eff off' but then when the time comes you realize, No, I need this job ," said Meyers. "When its actually time to vote for Donald Trump its a little bit harder than saying, 'Im going to vote for that guy!"   Read More...

Seth Meyers and Rachel Dratch Adopt a 'Boston Accent' in Late Night Video

Note to self: In a town where loyalty is king, dont you ever think about puttingjimmies on Seth Meyers ice cream. TheLate Night hostwas joined by formerSNLcastmate/fellow New Englander Rachel Dratch on Thursday in an epic trailer for the nonexistent filmBoston Accent. In just under five minutes, Meyers commits to at least four different wicked []

Seth Meyers: Bernie Sanders Now in the 'Betty White Zone' of Coolness Video

Late NightsSeth Meyershas a theory about Bernie Sanders recent polling surge, and ithas little to do with hisresemblance to Waldorf fromThe Muppets. If Sanders happens to remainhot in Cleveland (or more importantly in Iowa and New Hampshire), hes probably entered the Betty White Zone of coolness, which Meyers on Tuesday explained is the key behind []

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom Busts Former Boss Seth Meyers (Video)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend starRachel Bloommight be a brand new Golden Globe winner, but she was once a lowlySNLintern who fetched Alec Baldwin his coffee. Luckily for her, she played no partin getting Seth Meyers his lunch. Bloom appeared onLate Night Thursday, and revealed to its host the tale of a fellow intern who messed upMeyersHale and []

According to His Seth Meyers Interview, El Chapo Is a Vicious Crime Lord and Has Terrible Taste in Movies

  The only problem with Horatio Sanz's impression of Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo is that, between the giggling and natural rapport with Seth Meyers, you kind of end up forgetting all the bad things the real El Chapo has done. This is like Kate McKinnon's Hillary all over again! (Just kidding! Hilary 2016.) On the other hand, Sanz imbues his El Chapo with a very questionable taste in films, which raises an interesting question: If El Chapo had been familiar with Sean Penn's oeuvre, would he have still agreed to do the interview? Or would he have held out for, say, an Michael Jordan or a Zach Galifianakis, or whoever played Watto? Looks like we'll never know. Oh, until El Chapo breaks out and does another celebrity interview next month.  Read More...

Rachel Bloom remembers being Seth Meyers' intern at 'SNL'

'Nobody remembers when someone's pleasant to them,' the newly minted Golden Globe winner told Meyers.   Read More...

Seth Meyers Late Night Contract Extended Through 2021

Seth Meyers will continue to host Late Night With Seth Meyers through at last 2021, NBC announced Wednesday. Network chairman Bob Greenblatt made the announcement during NBCs panel at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena.   Read More...

Seth Meyers Explains El Chapos Capture, Cant Explain Just How Sean Penn Got Involved in the Whole Mess

  With a mixture of snark and awe, Seth Meyers devoted another "Closer Look" segment to the capture of Mexican drug lord Joaqun Guzmn Loera, better known as "El Chapo," arrested Friday after six months on the lam. The snark comes from CNN's awful attempt at wringing every last bit of news value out of its coverage; the awe from the fact that El Chapo's drug empire apparently had submarines. Submarines! (And yet he couldn't afford one more T-shirt.) There's also a lengthy digression about Sean Penn's Rolling Stone interview with El Chapo, which doesn't even try to explain how Penn got involved because, really, who can explain Sean Penn.   Read More...

Making a Murderer Spoof: Seth Meyers' Late Night Takes On Netflix Phenom

Much like the rest of the internet, its safe to say that the staff atLate Night With Seth Meyers was binge-watching Making a Murdererover the holiday break. Dont believe us?Then feast your eyes on Making a Talk Show Host, a spoof on the Netflix docuseries that findsMeyers receiving a call to return to work after []