Making a Murderer Spoof: Seth Meyers' Late Night Takes On Netflix Phenom

Much like the rest of the internet, its safe to say that the staff atLate Night With Seth Meyers was binge-watching Making a Murdererover the holiday break. Dont believe us?Then feast your eyes on Making a Talk Show Host, a spoof on the Netflix docuseries that findsMeyers receiving a call to return to work after []

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Are Work Wives With Their Own Work Language That They Use to Talk About Their SNL Friends

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's Sisters  press tour is a thing of magic and unicorns and a lot of inside jokes from the Saturday Night Live  set. On Late Night With Seth Meyers , Tina and Amy revealed that they are each other's work wives, which, duh, because they have the greatest friendship ever . Work wife is also the kind of thing that sounds charming when they say it, and terrible when Barb from accounting insists that she's your work wife and starts bringing you brownies every day but the brownies are always stale and you never asked for them and it's getting really exhausting to be grateful all the time, Barb! Anyway, let's not think too hard about how Tina and Amy are both Sisters  and work wives. Let's not think too hard about that at all.

Watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Use 'Star Wars' Toys to Convince People to Watch 'Sisters'

"Why would you see a movie with the guy from 'Girls' when you can see a movie with the guy from 'The Mindy Project?'" said Ike Barinholtz in his best Adam Driver voice while holding a Kylo Ren toy.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are 'common-law comedy wives'

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey might play sisters onscreen, but their off-screen relationship is a bit more complicated. The longtime friends and Sisters stars stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday, where they showed off the same comedic chemistry that fans can expect from...

John Mulaney and Nick Krolls Oh, Hello Stopped by Late Night and Seth Meyers Giggled for Eight Minutes Straight

John Mulaney and Nick Kroll's George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon stopped by Late Night to promote their new Oh, Hello Off Broadway show , and based on his nonstop chuckle fest, Seth Meyers is probably still giggling today. Tittering in this sleep. Laughing in the bathtub. Guffawing when gazing into his wife's eyes and picturing their beautiful unborn child. If Seth Meyers ever laughs at anything you say to him ever again, just know he's secretly picturing Gil slowly spitting his Werther's Original into his mug, over and over again,on a loop in his mind.

Jennifer Lawrence explains why she was 'paranoid' about Chris Pratt sex scene

As any actor will tell you, filming sex scenes is a less-than-glamorous undertaking. But Jennifer Lawrence had more one reason to be paranoid about getting between the onscreen sheets with her married  Passengers  costar Chris Pratt: she didnt want to come across as a predator. You...

Jennifer Lawrence wants Amy Schumer to win the Golden Globe

'Her performance was the year,' the 'Joy' actress told Seth Meyers on 'Late Night'

Jennifer Lawrence tells Seth Meyers about her crush on him ... and Larry David

Jennifer Lawrence wasnt just memorizing lines when she hosted  Saturday Night Live  about 3 years ago: she was also working up the nerve to ask out Seth Meyers, who was a head writer at the time. Lawrence stopped by  Late Night  Tuesday to tell the titular host about the seduction...

Bill Carter: How Jimmy Fallon Crushed Stephen Colbert (and Everyone Else in Late Night)

The inspired silliness of NBC's reigning champ became everything in a genre where YouTube hits (Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Timberlake battling in a lip-sync contest and Adele singing "Hello" accompanied by classroom instruments are among them) are as relevant as ratings.

Bradley Cooper reminisces about his 'Wet Hot' sex scene with Michael Ian Black

'Glistening gel' was involved...