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New Girl 2.02 "Katie" Sneak Peeks: Meet Winston's Family

New Girl   is back tomorrow on Fox with two episodes and we have clips from the second instalment (for sneak peeks of episode 1 head here ) that will see Jess (Zooey Deschanel) attempt to get over her bad news from the premiere. We will also meet some of Winston's (Lamorne Morris) family and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) will set out to impress.  Spoilers ahead . It took the  New Girl  writers some time to carve out Winston's role within the group as his character was a late addition to the cast. Damon Wayans Jr. was of course the other roommate in the pilot as Coach, but when  Happy Endings  received a season 2 pick-up he had to leave  New Girl . Instead of simply recasting the character, a new one was created instead and it understandably took time to develop who Winston is and what his strengths as a character and performer are. Winston is perhaps the most sensible character of the group, he is the voice of reason when chaos ensues and one of last season's highlights is from the episode "Secrets" where Winston unleashes Theodore K. Mullins to get everyone to quieten down (it was a Saturday morning after all). While it took some time to make Winston more than the guy who used to play basketball, he is now a vital part of the group dynamic and I am glad we will be meeting some members of his family. Read More...

Interview: New Girl Star Zooey Deschanel Dishes On The New Girl 2 Season Premiere

There’s a lot in store for  New Girl  fans this season!  TV Equals  was able to be a part of the conference call  that featured  New Girl  lead Zooey Deschanel. During the call, TV Equals was able to learn more about the season premiere, who will play the parents of Deschanel’s character Jess, and what shows Deschanel is excited to watch this fall season. On comedic acting Deschanel talked about why she loves comedic acting. ”I think comedy’s just about being interested in comedy and what makes people laugh and experimenting,” she said. “I’ve always loved making people laugh and that was in school I a lot of times would play the comic relief character. So, it’s different patterns; something that always pops up.” Read More...  

Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt Guest Star on New Girl? Zooey Deschanel Spills!

(500) Days of Summer fans hoping to see Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt reunite on-screen should not hold their breath. When Wetpaint Entertainment asked Zooey if she saw her pal Joe stopping by the New Girl loft, she didn’t give us the answer we were hoping for. “I don’t know! I hadn’t thought about that,” she admitted during a conference call this afternoon. “I don’t know that he would — he’s kind of like a movie star!”...

New Girl Season 2 Premiere Sneak Peeks

Fox are launching their Tuesday night comedy block next week with two episodes of New Girl   and to celebrate this we have 5 sneak peeks from the first episode.  Spoilers ahead . As you can see Fox isn't the only thing launching something on Tuesday as Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is determined to re-brand himself and celebrate the removal of his penis cast. At the end of season one Schmidt suffered an unfortunate injury and this will be his opportunity to reintroduce himself to the dating world. This isn't before we get to see the cast in all its glory and the prop department have done a magnificent job of making this horrific looking thing. We will also find out how long it has been since Schmidt and Cece (Hannah Simone) last spoke and this news will not make fans of this couple very happy. Schmidt isn't the only one who is facing a new beginning, unfortunately Jess' (Zooey Deschanel) new direction is far less invigorating as she gets made redundant from her job as a teacher. The guys are concerned for Jess and how she will react to such devastating news (remember the pilot episode) but it would appear that she has it all under control. What Jess wants is a job and this is how she becomes one of Schmidt's shot girls, a task she takes very seriously (costume and all). These sneak peeks also show guest star Parker Posey as Schmidt's other less enthusiastic shot girl Casey. There are some nice moments between Nick and Jess in these sneak peeks, with all the chemistry that has made them a popular will they/won't they couple. This includes Jess trying to do her best mean Nick impression and Nick explaining why Jess has the wrong type of hotness to be a shot girl. If these clips are any indication then this will be a fantastic start to the new season. Let us know what you hope to see happen in season 2 of New Girl . New Girl  returns to Fox Tuesday, September 25 at 8/7c and 9/8c. You can watch 5 clips from "Re-Launch" below and for more promo photos from this episode head here .

'New Girl' adds Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner as Jess' parents

We're meeting more of the guys' families on "New Girl" this season, so it only makes sense that Jess will bring her parents by the loft too. Just who will play the parents of Zooey Deschanel? None other than Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis.According to TVLine, the actors will appear in the Season 2 Thanksgiving episode as Bob and Joan, the divorced parents of the newly laid-off teacher. She'll try to get the couple to reunite in a "Parent Trap" sort of way.RELATED: Schmidt's best 'New Girl' quotesRob Riggle will also be stopping by for Thanksgiving as Schmidt's cousin and mortal enemy, who also goes by Schmidt. Winston's family will appear in episode 2 when Schmidt takes a liking to his sister, played by Keenyah Hill. Anna Maria Horsford is playing his mom."New Girl" returns for Season 2 on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 8 and 9 p.m. on FOX....

'New Girl' Adds Carla Gugino for 3-Episode Arc

The actress, most recently of "Political Animals," will play Schmidt's demanding new boss.

New Girl Scares Up Nick's Ex-Girlfriend for Halloween Episode

The one that got away is coming back into Nick's life on New Girl . Forgetting Sarah Marshall 's Maria Thayer has been cast to play Nick's college girlfriend, Amelia...

Max Greenfield on his 'New Girl' Emmy nomination and how Schmidt evolved into a vulnerable d-bag

When "New Girl" debuted on FOX last fall, anyone who watched the pilot -- or even the first few episodes -- would have classified Max Greenfield's character of Schmidt as a funny, but one-note sidekick. After all, his character was the reason why the boys in the apartment Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) moves into maintained a "douchebag jar," since it seemed all Schmidt was in love with was his clothes and abs.But Schmidt turned out to be arguably one of the best supporting characters on TV not named Ron Swanson, and through his romance with Jess' model buddy Cece (Hannah Simone), we found out where that overconfidence came from. Schmidt became such a favorite that, when his Emmy nomination was announced in July, it really didn't come as much of a surprise.Last week, Greenfield talked with Zap2It about how Schmidt and the show developed in the first season, what's in store for Schmidt and Cece...

'New Girl' Season 2 pictures plus what to expect from the premiere

Jess had finally settled into a groove with her three roommates at the end of "New Girl" Season 1, but her daily life will be majorly disrupted when she loses her job in the "New Girl" Season 2 premiere.That's not really a big spoiler, since it happens in the first few minutes of the episode. But since we don't want to ruin the whole thing -- but we still want to give you some tidbits about the hilarious new year -- here are a few teases of what to expect from the first of FOX comedy's brand new episodes on Tuesday, Sept. 25, plus some brand-new photos from Season 2.PICTURES: "Schmidt Happens" and more of Schmidt's best quotes1. "Groove is in the Heart" gets the biggest exposure it's had since approximately 1992. Since it's sung by not one but two of the roommates during the ep, it's sure to be stuck in your head for...

First Look: Schmidt Gets Diaper Duty on New Girl

When New Girl returns on September 25, Schmidt ( Max Greenfield ) is still reeling from the broken penis he sustained at the end of last season. In one awkward moment, he dons a trash-bag diaper to protect his private parts in the shower, and Jess ( Zooey Deschanel ) uses a homemade contraption to help him scratch an itch. When his injury is healed, Schmidt is determined to revamp his image by throwing a "rebranding event."