Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 3 & 4 William Henry Harrison / Leslie And Ron

Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 3 and 4 William Henry Harrison / Leslie And Ron air Tuesday Jan 20 on NBC (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET). In tonights episode, Leslies team tries to strengthen her case that the Newport land should be turned into a National Park. Rons team, fighting back, brings on a celebrity as []

Here's What We've Learned About Parks and Recreation's Final Season

  As Parks and Recreation draws to a close this season, the cast and creators have readied a slew of treats for dedicated fans in the remaining episodes. "There are certain things that are going to happen this season that are going to be a lot more enjoyable for people who have been close-watchers of...   Read More...

'Parks and and Recreation' cast says goodbye: Press tour live-blog

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall live-blogs the farewell press conference for "Parks and Recreation," with Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, Adam Scott, Aziz Ansari, Retta, Jim O'Heir and Mike Schur.   Read More...

Parks and Recreation Season 7 Premiere 2015 2017 / Ron & Jammy

Parks and Recreation season 7 premiere 2015 2017 / Ron & Jammy airs Tuesday Jan 13 on NBC (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis: 2017 Leslie launches a competition with tech company Gryzzl for a large parcel of land, which she wants to turn into a National Park. April and Andy try to regain their []

Parks and Rec's Final Season: ''The Battlestar of Comedy''

Amy Poehler and Adam Scott discuss Parks and Rec's final season and being "the Battlestar of comedy."   Read More...

How Will Leslie and Ben's Kids Change Parks and Recreation?

  Parksand Recreation 's season-ending, three-year time jump promised a final season full of fun, futuristic surprises. But the flash-forward also introduced three important new characters:Ben and Leslie's walking-and-talking 3-year-old triplets! So just how much will the Wyatt brood figure into the final season? Executive producer Mike Schur says that was one of the most hotly debated topics in the writers' room. "The conclusion that we reached was this show has always been about the workplace and we're going to keep it about the workplace," he tells

Parks and Recreation Video: See Every Time Someone Talks About Ben's Butt

  As we prepare to say goodbye to the residents of Pawnee, there's one Parks and Recreation icon we'll miss most of all: Ben Wyatt's butt. Since Adam Scott joined the series in Season 2, Leslie Knope ( Amy Poehler ) has made her feelings about his human disaster derriere crystal clear. But as this supercut proves, Leslie isn't the only one to notice that Ben has "a butt so perfect it could make an angel hang itself."   Read More...

Paul Rudd Books Return to Parks and Recreation

Break out the Bobby Bars,TV Fanatics! Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Paul Rudd has booked a two-episode appearance on Parks and Recreation Season 7. He will reprise his role on the beloved sitcom of Bobby Newport, the spoiled son of a candy magnate who was defeated by Leslie Knope in the shows recent City Council election storyline.  Read More...

All the 'Parks and Recreation' characters returning for the final season

With only one season of "Parks and Recreation" left, it's time to say goodbye to some of your favorite characters on TV. And no, that doesn't just include the regular cast, as "Parks" has done a great job of introducing viewers to numerous citizens of Pawnee they'll never forget.Co-creator Mike Schur has already revealed a few returning guest stars, including Paul Rudd as privileged man-child Bobby Newport. Take a look below to see which of your favorites will be returning in Season 7 for their final appearances. As more guests are announced, they'll be added to the list. "Parks and Recreation" Season 7 premieres Tuesday, Jan. 13, with back-to-back episodes airing weekly at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd)Who is he: Bobby has the mindset of child who always gets what he wants and happens to be the heir to the Sweetums fortune. In Season 4, he lost the city council election to...

Nick Offerman Tells Jimmy Fallon Tears Were Shed on Parks and Rec Finale (Video)

Ron Swansons swan song came with some tears and other bodily excretions for actor Nick Offerman . On Thursdays Tonight Show, he told  Jimmy Fallon  about the sad moment shared betweenthe cast of Parks and Recreation as their sitcom wrapped. See photos: 14 Late Night TV Hosts Ranked by Popularity Everyone was crying, Offerman said, except for I was vomiting and crying and filling my pants with oatmeal, the saddest oatmeal. Offerman wasnt aware he was saying his last line when he delivered it, however, admitting: You would think I would have noticed, but on the last day, we finished with a few scenes with everybody in them, and we were on the last couple scenes and Aziz and I said, Oh my God, we dont have any more lines. See video: Jimmy Fallon Leaves Dry Land to Ride in Jerry Seinfelds Boat in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Finale Co-star Aziz Ansari suggested that rather than go out silently, they would inject some new dialogue, even if it meant just saying bye to Amy Poehler as she left the room. The NBC comedy will air its last episode in 2015. See video: Oprah Winfrey and Jimmy Fallons Autotuned Soap Opera Is a Musical Disaster-piece Watch Nick Offerman on The Tonight Show here . Related stories from TheWrap: Nick Offerman Extolls Virtues of a Good Pocket-Square in NSFW 'Hanky Song' (Video) 'Parks and Rec's' Nick Offerman Loves Whisky So Much That He Wrote This Song for It (Video) 'Parks and Recreation' to Get Super-Sized Sendoff From NBC