'Parks and Recreation': Amy Poehler on Season 3, Leslie and Ben and more

Lots and lots of stories have been writtne about how much "Parks and Recreation" improved from its first to its second season, and bout how lead character Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) had become smarter and less naive.Poehler agrees that the show really found its footing in Season 2, but she's not really buying the idea that Leslie needed to get more intelligent."Certainly the first couple episodes of a show, it's finding its way," Poehler told Zap2it when we visited the show's set in December. "There were some things that were changed and tweaked a little bit, but I think that's the process of any show. I've always thought that Leslie was a fun character to play, because optimistic doesn't mean stupid. "I think it's rare these days in television to find a character that tries to put on a game face and still believes one person can make a difference and all that stuff that...

'Parks and Recreation': Nick Offerman reflects on Ron Swanson's cult-hero status

Nick Offerman embodies the awesomeness that is Ron Swanson on "Parks and Recreation," but when Zap2it asked him what it felt like to play a cult hero, he deflected credit."If that's true, I haven't really felt quite the effects of becoming any sort of hero," Offerman says in the video above. "It's been really fun, I think -- all the parts of Ron Swanson that are celebrated by the public are things that have been written by our brilliant writers. So I'm tickled pink to be the vessel inhabiting those details."In the video, Offerman also takes no credit for the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness, which you'll see in Thursday's (Jan. 20) season premiere (and which is also available for viewing at Funny or Die). "Mike Schur, our creator, loves nothing more than writing a list," Offerman says. "So he and our other great writers created the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness from whole cloth."When the show...

'Parks and Recreation': Rashida Jones discusses Ann's 'issues'

Season 3 of "Parks and Recreation" will finally answer one of the show's ongoing mysteries: If Ann (Rashida Jones) is a nurse, why does she spend so much time hanging out at Pawnee City Hall?"They're finally making good on that," Jones says with a laugh. "[The writers] acknowledge it, which is funny -- 'Why are you still here? You don't even work here!' -- but I think the premise of that is we live in a small town, so we don't have that much to do. And I did go and follow an ER nurse, and they [usually] work three days a week. ... So it's justifiable."The season's second episode, airing Jan. 27, will show Ann in full work mode as she deals with a flu outbreak in Pawnee, and she tells Zap2it that later in the season, she finds a "good reason" to be hanging out in the halls of government. "Thus far it's...

TV Tonight: What's On Thursday 1/20

Tonight, NBC kicks off the return of all your favorite comedies with its new super-sized sitcom block, including the season premiere of Parks & Rec (finally!) and new series Perfect Couples! Also, be sure to check out the return of Royal Pains on USA (enter the giveaway here !) and the series premiere of Fairly Legal with Sarah Shahi (and enter another giveaway here)! See what else is new tonight: 8/7c Wipeout  on ABC The Big Bang Theory  on CBS American Idol  on FOX Community  on NBC 8:30/7:30c $#*! My Dad Says  on CBS Perfect Couples  on NBC -- series premiere! 9/8c CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  on CBS Bones  on FOX The Office  on NBC The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  on Bravo -- season finale! Royal Pains  on USA Network 9:30/8:30c Parks & Recreation  on NBC -- season premiere! 10/9c 30 Rock  on NBC Jersey Shore  on MTV Fairly Legal  on USA Network -- series premiere! 10:30/9:30c Outsourced  on NBC What will you be watching?

'Parks and Recreation': Aziz Ansari says Tom makes a move this season

Here's how long "Parks and Recreation" has been of the air: When the show started filming its third season, star Amy Poehler was about six months pregnant. Her baby boy is now five months old.So you'll forgive fellow cast member Aziz Ansari if he's a little fuzzy on the finer points of Thursday's (Jan. 20) season premiere. "You're talking about stuff from the first episode, and that seems like so long ago," he told Zap2it when we visited the show's set in December. "But I'm really happy things worked out the way they did.""Parks and Rec" went into filming Season 3 right after the second season finished last spring so it would have some episodes in the can before Poehler had to go on maternity leave. The cast and crew thought they'd be back in the fall -- but NBC decided to hold the show until midseason. Production resumed in the fall and is winding...

Reel TV News: American Idol Premieres Tonight, LOLA’s on Hiatus, and Rob Lowe Promotes the Return of Parks & Recreation – 01/19/11

Get your Reel TV News! Today Rachel gets us pumped for tonight's 2-hour season premiere of American Idol, in which new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez do their best to fill Simon Cowell's shoes. Will the newly-lowered age limit (to 15 instead of the usual 16) help judges find the next Justin Bieber? In other news, fall newcomer Law & Order: Los Angeles, which was originally supposed to return early February, is put on hiatus indefinitely, while Marriage Ref is put in similar limbo. Also, actor Rob Lowe puts his comedic side to the test with a new Funny or Die video to help promote his new Parks & Rec role! Check out the full news in the link below. Reel TV News: 1/19/11

30 Rock TV News: The 30 Rock Thief and NBC’s New Comedy Block – 01/17/11

In this week's 30 Rock TV News, Kira welcomes back brand-new episodes of 30 Rock with a rundown of the new "Thursdays Done Right" NBC comedy lineup! It's a packed 3 hours full of comedy, but with 30 Rock at its new 10pm timeslot, we hardcore fans will just have to plow through it! Life's tough as a TV addict! In other news, Kira gives the scoop on the 30 Rock embezzlement scandal. Find out what former 30 Rock employee Matthew Rudolph has to say for himself after all the scandal of faulty checks! Find out more deets by checking out the video in the link below! 30 Rock TV News: 1/17/11

The Office TV News: Steve Carell’s Early Departure and Thursday Nights on NBC – 01/17/11

While fans of The Office have been dreading the departure of Michael Scott for quite some time now, according to Kira, our days with Steve Carell are now officially numbered... and his last day is fast approaching! In today's The Office TV News, Kira shares the scoop on the last 4 Michael-free episodes of this season! Also, we take a look at the midseason lineup for NBC comedy Thursdays, and in this case, the whole "more the merrier" rule may not necessarily apply. Hope you're ready to tackle a full 3 hours of sitcoms! For the full lineup, check out the news in the link below! The Office TV News: 1/17/11

Rashida Jones is Really Excited About Kissing Rob Lowe on Parks & Recreation [Video]

Parks & Recreation " href="" class="pp_image"> Is it weird that  Rashida Jones  asked her sister to come down to the  Parks & Rec  set to watch her make out with  Rob Lowe ? She blames it on a sisterly bond, but  really  it comes down to bragging. The jury is still out as to whether or not the above situation was weird or not, but the story also brings a possible spoiler for  Parks & Rec 's new season. Was she referring to last season's drunken make-out session? Or will Anne fall prey to Rob Lowe's eyes? I suppose we'll find out in season three. Read More...

Reel Funny TV: 2011 TV Resolutions for the Parks & Rec Crew, Jay Leno, Jersey Shore Fans and More – 01/10/11

Alex and Rachel gave you their personal TV addict resolutions on a special New Year's edition of This Week in TV, and now Ben and Billy are here with another episode of Reel Funny TV to give you some more resolutions inspired by our favorite current comedies! From the Parks & Rec department over in Indiana to Ted on How I Met Your Mother (will we ever get some REAL answers?!) and even some thoughtful suggestions for you, the viewer, Ben & Billy have their sights on some lofty goals for the year ahead! Check out what Frank Reynolds, Jay Leno, and even Ben & Billy themselves need to work on by watching the video in the link below! Reel Funny TV: 1/10/11