PERSON OF INTEREST: Guilty Photos Blair Brown Guests and Paige Turco Returns

Former FRINGE star Blair Brown is guest starring on the February 10th episode of PERSON OF INTEREST, and the hour, Guilty, will also bring the return of Paige Turcos Zoe. Check out some photos of the episode, as Finch ends up on a jury PERSON OF INTEREST airs Tuesdays at 10 PM on CBS. Related: []


PERSON OF INTERESTs Root and Reese are on a mission to find Shaw, and CBS tease for the next episode, M.I.A. its teased that their journey takes them to a small town in upstate New York where it becomes apparent that not everything is as idyllic as it seems. Check out the photos from M.I.A. []

PERSON OF INTEREST Post-Mortem: Greg Plageman and Jonathan Nolan on the Shaw Mystery, Controls Awakening, and What Comes Next

Warning: this post contains spoilers for the January 13th PERSON OF INTEREST episode, Control-Alt-Delete.  The mystery of what happened to PERSON OF INTERESTs Shaw will remain unclear for a at least a bit longer. Though Control-Alt-Delete was billed as the final part of a PERSON OF INTEREST trilogy, the (very excellent) hour actually set Team []

Person of Interest Producers Talk Epic Trilogy Closer

IGN spoke to Person of Interest producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman about this week's episode, Control, Samaritan, and Root.   Read More...

Forget Skynet: How Person Of Interest Depicts A Realistic A.I. Uprising

Tons of science fiction stories have shown artificial intelligence turning against us but Person of Interest has broken new ground in showing an A.I. takeover that most people don't even know is happening. Creators Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman tell io9 why their show's take on A.I. revolt is subtler than Skynet.   Read More...

Person of Interest Control-Alt-Delete Season 4 Episode 12

Person of Interest Control-Alt-Delete Season 4 Episode 12 airs Tuesday Jan 13 2015 (10pm ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Episode Synopsis: Person of Interest Control-Alt-Delete Season 4 Episode 12 Control (Camryn Manheim), who oversees the handling of relevant numbers for the government, begins to question the methods and intentions of the Samaritan program. []

'Person of Interest's' girl-on-girl kiss was definitely mutual, says Sarah Shahi

When it came time to send Sarah Shahi off "Person of Interest" so she can take personal time to raise her twins, there was one thing showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman knew they had to do: Get Shahi's Sameen Shaw and Amy Acker's Root to kiss."It was abundantly clear that if we lost this character from the show, even temporarily, without consummating that relationship, there would be fans with pitchforks outside the offices," Plageman tellsZap2it.For her part, Shahi originally thought the kiss was simply fan service. "When I first read it, my eyes definitely rolled. I saw it coming from a mile away. Shaw's last episode, we've got to give the fans what they want. Let's get some girl-on-girl, let's get a little bit of tongue, let's make it happen," she says. She eventually came around to the idea, however: "I feel like it happened for a few different reasons."RELATED: Dead or not, Shaw...

Person of Interest Bosses Talk Shaw's Exit/Possible Return, 'Pissed-Off' Root and a 'Hard Left Turn' Ahead

When Sarah Shahi revealed to her Person of Interest bosses that she was expecting (twins!), their reaction to losing a key player went from an initial Oh, st to an opportunistic Oh, yeah! Because, they tell TVLine, the CBS drama had been looking to off a major character this season. Were not making that show []

PERSON OF INTEREST: Control-Alt-Delete Photos

PERSON OF INTERESTs Team Machine is still reeling from the (apparent) loss of of Shaw, and in this Tuesdays episode, Control-Alt-Delete, they take on Control in an attempt to find out where Shaw is. Check out some photos from the hour PERSON OF INTEREST airs Tuesdays at 10 PM on CBS. Related: PERSON OF INTEREST: []

Shamelesss Steve Howey and Wife Sarah Shahi Are Expecting Twins!

Its going to be twins for Shameless star Steve Howey and wife Person of Interests Sarah Shahi! News of the pregnancy was recently announced, and the set of twins will be joining the couples eldest son, 5-year-old William Wolf Howey. Sounds like Steve and Sarah will definitely have their hands full now! Please note that this story contains a spoiler for Person of Interest. Given that Sarah is expecting not one but two kids, shell sadly be spoiler alert! exiting her stunt-driven show....