Dexter Season 4, Episode 8: "Road Kill" - Recap

Still distraught over killing the wrong man, Dexter invites himself to an out-of-town build with Trinity, who is inspired by Dexter to come clean about his past. Meanwhile, Deb convinces Laguerta to officially open the Trinity case, but she's is not happy she can't work on it due to a conflict of interest.

Dex and Trinity Take On Tampa

Following his kill of an innocent man, Dexter is beside himself with an "uncomfortable" feeling he is not accustomed to: guilt. He beats himself up, saying to himself that it should have been Trinity on his kill table. Dexter snaps Farrow's blood slide and tries to move forward. But his mistake gets thrown in his face when Farrow's death comes up during a briefing meeting and Dexter becomes very fidgety.

Dexter heads over to Trinity's house where he's dictating the proper ways to execute chores to his children. Dexter finds out Trinity is going on an out-of-town build in Tampa by himself, so he quickly searches for an excuse to get out of work and tag along. He can't find any blood-related conventions in Tampa, but does find one about weather. He somehow finds a way to justify how this weather convention will help the development of his career to both Laguerta and Rita by talking in a jargon they find indecipherable. It even puts baby Harrison in a daze.

Considering Dexter is planning an out-of-town kill of his own (Trinity), he packs light, bringing limited plastic lining and a reliable knife. Trinity, on the other hand, covers up the coffin he built last week and packs the last bit of his sister's ashes.

Dexter heads to Trinity's bright and early and jumps out as Trinity is pulling away. Dexter asks to tag along, but Trinity says next time. Dexter tells him he needs his help with something and only Trinity can make him feel better. Well, he's not lying. He needs to make good on his last mistake by killing someone he's certain is a killer. And that's Trinity.

Trinity finally agrees, and the two take a road trip to Tampa. Dexter makes small talk by asking question after question. Trinity gets irritated and asks him to cut to the chase and tell him what's wrong. Dexter is vague and tells him he made a mistake and doesn't want to go into details. This really gets Trinity fuming until Dexter finally says, "I killed a man" while at a rest stop. Trinity is stunned by this confession, and Dexter explains he thought he was an "animal." Partly true. Trinity assumes he means it was a hunting accident and Dexter goes with it, saying it has left him with this indiscernible feeling inside. Trinity says it's remorse, but assures Dexter he will feel better now that he has told someone.

Deb Makes a Shocking Revelation

Deb, who convinced Laguerta to open a case of a serial bludgeoner (as an excuse to find Trinity) presents photos to the team of multiple bludgeonings with the victims pointing at ash smudges. As she flips through the projector slides, a photo of one of Trinity's bathtub murders pops up on the screen. Deb tries to pretend like it was an accident, but when Laguerta calls her out on it, Deb finally comes clean that she is hunting a serial killer who kills in patterns of three - the same "Trinity" killer that Lundy was hunting. Shockingly, Laguerta is willing to open this case and calls Deb in about it. But considering Deb was shot by the suspect, Laguerta takes her off the case because it's a conflict of interest.

Deb, refusing to just wash her hands of Trinity, listens in as the team discusses the next steps of the case and uses Quinn as her vehicle to suggest a DNA sweep. Laguerta agrees it may be the only way to catch a six-foot-four, retired white male in Miami. The only problem is they need to find money in the budget to pull it off. She and Batista run numbers and are still short. But Quinn comes in and announces that the group is each donating one vacation day's pay to chip in. Laguerta and Batista are so excited that they decide to having sex on the briefing table, of course.

Deb has Quinn ask Masuka for photos from the jumper case (since she's not supposed to be working the case) and Quinn obliges. He chats with Masuka about what a geeky nerd Dexter is, and Masuka defends his friend by saying Dexter's had his share of women - including Lyla, the super hot chick he dated while he was with Rita. Uh, oh. Quinn gets that look on his face - the kind where you know he's plotting how he can get something on Dexter to even the score.

Afterwards, Deb bumps into Laguerta in the bathroom and hides the photos from her. Laguerta leaves, giddy as can be after her romp with Batista, and Deb checks out her stitches from her gunshot wounds in the mirror. But she notices something she didn't before. Her wounds, where the bullet went in one side of her hip and right out the other, are perfectly level.

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