THE AMAZING RACE “Hi. I’m Sorry. I’m in a Race” Season Finale Recap

The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 12 - Hi. I'm Sorry. I'm in a Race

History is made in surprisingly anti-climactic fashion as the final three teams go from Seoul, South Korea to Los Angeles, California in the "Hi. I’m Sorry. I’m in a Race." season final episode of THE AMAZING RACE.

Temple of Heaven to Incheon International Airport: The penultimate leg’s winners Jill and Thomas are at the clue box at 3:57am, and they find out they are headed for the final destination of Los Angeles, California where they must go to Pier J in the Port of Long Beach. Brook and Claire leave at 4:23am with Nat and Kat right behind them at 4:27am. Tickets can’t be purchased until 6:30am, so there is some awkward "Thomas is the only boy" talk before all three teams end up on the same 6000 mile long Korean Air flight.

Port of Long Beach, Pier J: Nat and Kat are the first to arrive in the "Drop Zone," followed by Jill and Thomas with Brook and Claire immediately behind them. Teams must ride a tiny elevator to top of one of the giant cranes and get a clue, then get into bungee swings and plummet 150 feet down, at which point they are more gently lowered onto rafts in the water below. As everyone is being fastened into their swings, Thomas smirks, saying, "Oh, yeah, Nat has a problem with heights," but Nat does just fine, as does Brook, who has a problem with free-falls. Both women are thrilled to be done with the challenge, but there is remarkably little drama, a theme that will continue throughout the leg. Order out: Nat and Kat; Jill and Thomas; Brook and Claire.

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