'Bones' recap: Brennan's Ghost

Is Bones a fundamentally tragic show? It doesn't usually feel that way, right? The soundtrack is bouncy. All the main characters -- even the one-scene suspects -- are prone to wry one-liners and witheringly-hilarious exit lines. Everyone enjoys their work. Heck, you could argue that Bones is a portrait of an ideal work family. (Like a lot of other TV workplaces, the Jeffersonian feels sort of like an internet start-up: limitless budget, attractive co-workers, no clear profit margin.)

However, you could just as easily argue thatBones is an unfolding character study of the tragedy of genius. For instance: Last night's episode began with the most quietly moving moments of the season. We saw Brennan preparing a meal in her apartment, methodically setting the table. She was welcoming dinner guests – the happily preggo-fied Family Hodgins on one side, and Booth and his beloved girlfriend, Girlfriend Girl, on the other. We could sense Brennan's particular uneasiness -- it's always strange being the one single person in a room, even if you have the unique party trick of narrating precisely how your chicken was executed. The whole scene was incisive, funny, and uncomfortable. It ended with the gang receiving a phone call, and unfortunately, Girlfriend Girl had the exit line:"Looks like somebody besides this chicken got murdered!" She's a journalist!

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