Recap Third Watch: Season 4, Episode 5 - Judgement Day Part 1

Third Watch Season 4 Episode 5 - Judgement Day (1)

The episode opens on Sully lying awake in his bed at around 4am, he gets out of bed leaving his wife sleeping alone. However we then see that she is also awake when her eyes suddenly open. It then cuts to the Yokas's house where Faith is doing some ironing and we see from her digital clock that it is 4.01am. Then its back to Sully who is sitting at the table reading a card from Tatiana to him saying, I miss you.

Meanwhile a guy barges into Chevchenko's place demanding his money. We soon learn that the guy is a detective being bribed by the Russian gangster. ChevchenkoBe careful, don't let your emotions control you. DetectiveGimme my money. The detective receives his money and Chevchenko asks, ChevchenkoMy Brighton beach enterprises will no longer be troubled by the police? DetectiveYou won't get trouble from my guys, the rest of the department's your problem. Chevchenko confers in Russian with his right hand man, while another man brings out a videotape. Chevchenko explains that the tape contains today's transaction on it and also of his children playing at various different locations. ChevchenkoYour daughter is a very good athlete, quick reflexes. DetectiveYou son of a …ChevchnekoAh, Detective, control.
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