NCIS “Recruited” Review

NCIS "Recruited" Season 8 Episode 12 – They hit upon some tough issues in tonight’s episode. First there was Ducky’s predecessor, Dr. Magnus (played by the absolutely wonderful and charming Bob Newhart) dropping by for what seems like an innocent visit. But as time went on we could see that something wasn’t right and it turned out the man was dealing with Alzheimer’s and hoped that by returning to his old job, he could remember all the things he kept forgetting. It really saddened me, especially when he mentioned how his job at NCIS had been all that he had. Interesting coming from a man who had been married and still had a daughter and grandsons. It made me very worried for Ducky, who has none of those things, and I truly hope that he and the rest of Team Gibbs stay good friends. None of them have anyone else so they’re really going to need each other.

Then there was the case itself, and the young man who, even after all that he’d been through and all that he knew he was going to have to go through, still made the decision to serve his country. I’m not going to open a discussion about DADT because I don’t think this is the forum for it and I’m sure it’s been talked to death in other places. What I will say is that no matter where your opinion falls, you can’t tell me that you didn’t admire that kid a lot. Read More...


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