'Parks and Recreation': Literally, all of Rob Lowe's 'literallys'


With "Parks and Recreation" having ended its season last week, we are literally counting the days until it returns in the fall.OK, not literally. NBC hasn't set its fall premiere dates yet, and you can't start a countdown unless you know the endpoint (although we figure the show will be back in about four months). But we have "literally" on the brain, thanks to the following compilation of nearly every time Rob Lowe's character, Chris Traeger, uttered the word -- which he pronounces "LIT'rally" -- this season. (It was put together before the finale, so we're missing his calling the doctor "lit'rally the meanest person I've ever met.")Chris is one of the great comedic creations of the past couple years, in no small part because he's so upbeat that when he uses "literally" in a sentence, you actually believe he means it. Four months is still a considerable length to wait for new "Parks and...



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