Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 24: Guru's Companions! Review

What can I say about this episode? Oh yeah, for some reason, King Kai thinks Chaozu is worth training and Vegeta gets his fucking ass handed to him by a bishounen-turned-monster.

Of course, since we've all seen DBZ a billion times, we know there's no fucking reason to train scrubs like Yamcha or Chaozu. Guess what Tenshinhan ends up doing with his time on King Kai's planet? Uh, nothing! Well, at least he temporarily subdues Cell later on, but that's about it. Utterly worthless. King Kai is best left trying to get more out of Piccolo and kicking the other three down to Hell where they belong, the losers.

Again, we get to play a game of What's Old Footage, What's New Footage?, with your host, uh, John O'Hurley, probably. Or maybe Wayne Brady. Probably one of those two. Not Louie Anderson, that guy's fucking awful. He should die in a fire. Anyway, back to my point. During the battle between Vegeta and Zarbon, we switch back and forth between old and new animation so much, the folks who worked on the Zeta Gundam movies blush in embarrassment. Although they should be blushing in pain, from being burned alive in a fire, because those movies were a travesty. But you get my point.

It is comforting to see Vegeta, who was so cocky after having easily killed both Kiwi and Dodoria, finally get a beat down. But he does get better.

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