Supernatural Season Premiere Review: Kiss Your Cass Goodbye

Was that the season premiere or did that feel like the stakes, tensions, and awesomeness of a season finale?

Sure, "Meet the New Boss" picked right up where season six's finale ended. It even followed the typical guidelines of a premiere dealing with the aftermath of the previous season, establishing a new foe, and setting up the Winchester brothers' new journey. Except, the episode went one step further and spun everything on its head by completely eliminating the new "God" problem and in turn, revealing a far more evil opponent.

Who saw that wild twist coming?

Misha Collins did a fantastic job portraying the new "God" as both intimidating and all powerful. It may have been similar to his regular Castiel routine, but he established a more commanding and somewhat ambitiously blinded presence through all of his smiting of angels and motivational speakers. It was very easy to believe Castiel would kill you if you crossed him. Read More...


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