'Dexter' Video: Michael C. Hall Reveals to Conan His All-Time Favorite 'Dexter' Kill

Did you watch Michael C. Hall on Conan last night? It's amazing how one man can be so likable while chatting about such unlikable things. Conan hit the nail on the head (the HUMAN head? Ha!) when he described Hall's character as "creepy, but engaging at the same time."

And the same goes for Hall, at least when he's making a disturbing joke or two about moonlighting as a murderer.

When Conan asked which kill from the show has been his all-time favorite, Hall coolly replied, "I think of Dexter's kills as ... I think of my children, if I had them. I love them equally." Conan laughed, "That's the sickest thing I've ever heard!"

Hall's been playing Dexter for so long that I don't blame him for cherishing his character's kill moments. As mere fans of the show, we do it, too. But Hall's not made of stone like Dexter Morgan, and revealed his all-time favorite kill was so disturbing that it even haunted his real life dreams. Find out which one in the clip below!

Hall also talked about other disturbingly delightful things, like his biggest fan (she's 7), fans who ask him to pretend-murder them in photos, and how he initially researched his Dexter role ... by stalking random strangers. WATCH:



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