Two and a Half Men's New Good-Time Charlie

In the hit CBS sitcom's funniest episode since Ashton Kutcher's debut, his Emmy-winning costar paid an aptly irreverent tribute to his dearly departed TV brother. "I don't miss the smell of vomit and lubricant in the morning," Cryer's Alan said of Charlie Sheen — er, Harper. "But I do miss him."

The high jinks really got crazy when Alan experienced a psychotic break and adopted Charlie's identity, donning a bowling shirt and enjoying a taste of cigars, cocktails — and a voluptuous neighbor (The Event's Taylor Cole). Still, Kutcher got the episode's best line: After Alan found sheet music, panties, drug paraphernalia and a vibrator in Charlie's old piano bench, he termed them "songs, thongs, bongs and schlongs." If laughing at that line is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Did you think Two and a Half Men's homage to Charlie was "winning"?


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